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Some of the best (and free) links we found on different topics.  This list will keep growing as we find better and better references out there. Retweet and share.  This is good.

Starting A Business

999 Business Ideas

Ultimate list of stories behind business names (very comprehensive list- 4 parts!)


Learn SEO

Beginner’s Guide On SEO

What is #1 on Google worth?

TheKeywordAcademy.com (best place we have found to learn about gaining rank on Google.  Has a $1 trial for the first month.  Pay the $1 and download all their core videos.  They love it when you learn through them because that’s not their business model.)


Learn Google AdWords

AdWords video tutorials via Red Fly Marketing (has many great videos for beginners learning AdWords)

Creating the Goals funnel in Google Analytics

Troubleshooting Goals funnel


Facebook Marketing & Advertising

Shoemoney’s Soups To Nuts Guide On Facebook Advertising (very indepth video)

How we got to 40,310 Facebook fans in 4 days (case study on how to get more fans)


Useful Tools:

Download YouTube videos

Find icons

Create favicons

Uptime Robot (keeps track of your websites and alerts you when one is down.)

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