129th 1M/1M Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Winners Of Second BlueSnap-Elance Finals

09 June 2012 Entrepreneurship

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During today’s roundtable, we held the second finals for the BlueSnap-Elance contest.

Family Rx Tracker
First, Stephanie Mountain from Leawood, Kansas, pitched Family Rx Tracker, an online service and mobile app for reminding caregivers about the administering times of elderly family members’ medications. Family Rx Tracker wants to differentiate itself from competitors by making available a significant amount of content that alerts caregivers to the side effects of prescribed medications. There is a large question mark around how to get the side effects content.

Downloads NOW!
Then Cookie Marenco from Belmont, California, pitched Downloads NOW!, an online service for affluent consumers who care about the audio quality of downloaded music. Cookie’s offering focuses on high quality audio files for home entertainment. She knows her domain all right.

Next Kowaken Ghirmai from Newark, Delaware, pitched Remotia, a suite of SaaS offerings that span accounting, CRM and other business functions for running a small business. Kowaken presents Zoho as one of his top competitors. The product strategy needs a lot of work still.

The Vegan Health Club
Then, Nwenna Kai from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pitched The Vegan Health Club, a subscription-based content service for managing a Vegan lifestyle. Nwenna needs to figure out what it would take to get her customers to pay – not an easy challenge.

Hrishikesh Jobanputra from Ahmedabad, India, pitched 39shops, an e-commerce platform for very small businesses to get online stores up and running without the need for tech savvy. 39shops, in all probability, will be focusing on the Indian market. A very interesting opportunity.

Ideal Group
Next Steve Jacobs from Hilliard, Ohio, pitched Ideal Group, a non-profit mobile app suite. We could not figure out how the business would make money, since all the apps are free.

Prisere LLC
Then Donna Childs pitched Prisere LLC, a disaster prevention service for small businesses. The key issue the judges saw was that there is no perceived pain among the customers, hence, it would be an impossible offering to sell.

Harlan Robinson from Marlborough, Massachusetts, pitched HaveOneOn.Me, a gift-giving service through which you could ask a family member to ‘have a drink on me’. The business is fraught with legal and execution risks.

Amit Aggarwal from California pitched Mangobird, an app development company that has a few apps out there, including Find My Phone, which is a paid app that has generated 25,000 downloads at $0.99 each so far. Amit also has a few games in his portfolio. There are some critical decisions ahead, the most important of those is figuring out a destiny for Find My Phone, an app that has fallen behind the times. Amit also needs to chalk out a product roadmap for how to move forward with the other gaming apps and insert virtual goods-based monetization models in them.

Last up, Dana Cesar from Tulsa, Oklahoma, pitched AquaLoti.Mobi, an affiliate marketing site for water related products. Dana’s immediate game plan doesn’t seem sufficiently well thought through. She presented a broad overview of water related issues but not a clear articulation of her business opportunity.

And the winners of today’s contest are: Family Rx Tracker, Downloads Now!, Remotia, Vegan Health Club, 39shops and Mangobird. Congratulations, winners! You can listen to the recording of today’s roundtable here.

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