13 Things Entrepreneurs Will Succeed At

16 January 2012 Entrepreneurship

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Did anyone else feel sick after reading the article on Tech Crunch on why entrepreneurs will fail?

Ok, I admit it’s true but where’s the other side of it? Are we so jaded that we have become pessimist instead of the optimist that we were when we first started our businesses?

I already have enough problems to worry about- creating a remarkable product, lowering the cost of customer acquisition, making investors happy, making customers happy, making my family happy.

The last thing I need is having a negative mindset.

It shouldn’t be like this. No, it shouldn’t at all. Sorry, but you don’t speak for the rest of us.

So in response to a depressing article, here’s an encouraging one for all the entrepreneurs out there who see the good in building something for the greater good.

1. Being Passionately Persistent


After 3 years growing a new business I can definitely say that all entrepreneurs succeed at positive, passionate persistence. It’s not enough to just stick with it. You have to believe that good things are ahead and keep your mind positive as you jump over every obstacle.

There will be lots of speed bumps. Looking past the bumps to your future is the way to succeed.

Chris Tobias, School Skills

2. Finding Yourself


On the best day and the worst day, you will find out more about yourself than can any other way. You’ll learn what truly makes you happy and what you truly can’t stand. Most importantly, you’ll learn how much one person really can do.

David Friedman, Inhabi

3. Launching

Kelly Marie Albert.jpeg

There are many wanna be entrepreneurs so afraid of failing they never “LAUNCH”.

So to every entrepreneur out there congratulations, whether you succeed or not…you did not let “fear of failure” stop you from “LAUNCHING”!

Kelly Marie Albert, Perfect Card Box

4. Creating Inspiration And Hope In People

Cherie headshot 2.jpg

Creating inspiration and hope in people, people that are fearful. The economy would fall if entrepreneur’s stopped. Drive, passion and being able to sell and provoke interest. Creating the vibration of dream that what we all do. Never give UP!!

Cherie Corso, G2 Organics

5. Making Mistakes And Learning From It


All entrepreneurs succeed at making mistakes and learning from them. There is no such thing as an entrepreneur that has not failed at least once.

One aspect where entrepreneurs are clearly different is their
ability to take a failure and frame it as an educational experience. Each failure is a necessary step closer to success.

Emotionally, failure affects entrepreneurs just as bad but an entrepreneur knows how to see the bigger picture beyond it.

Dave Davis, Red Fly Marketing

6. Learning What Your Strengths And Weaknesses


All entrepreneurs will succeed at learning what their strengths and weaknesses are (as well as their staffs) so that they can delegate tasks to different members of their team.

Young entrepreneurs, especially first time startups believe they can do it all – and they probably can if they read the right books and learn from the right people, but at what expense?

By understanding the strength and weaknesses of your team and delegating tasks accordingly, you are able to operate your business more efficiently and maintain a positive moral amongst the team.

Nadeem Kassam, Connect The Doc

7. Using Your Time More Wisely

Michael Bremmer telecomquotes.com small.jpg

Successful Entrepreneurs use their time more wisely than other people do. Instead of being an expert at the latest TV show, they are committed to using their time to further their business, whether this is touching up their business plan or making one more phone call to a client.

Michael Bremmer, Telecom Quotes

8. Fostering Self Learning

DXB logo_150x150px.jpeg

All entrepreneurs will succeed at fostering self-learning. Academia and the corporate behemoths would have you believe that you need to read a book (or many), pass a test and receive a plaque to certify that you’re qualified to talk about something. There is no course you can take to figure out if your business will succeed or if you’ll be a great leader.

As a business owner, I would sooner higher someone that had spent one year trying to build a business and failing vs. another that had spent 20 years reporting to a job.

Jay Melone, DigitalXBridge

9. Having A Dream


Each and every entrepreneur will succeed at having a dream. And, they will have the desire to make their dream a reality. Thus, they will consider and implement ideas, steps, and strategies that help them realize their dream. And, in the midst of all of it, they will meet other entrepreneurs with their own dream and share together. And, the cycle will beautifully continue.

Anahid Derbabian, Integrity Communications

Here’s 3 more for good measure to drive home the point that it’s worth being an entrepreneur, even if you fail.

10. Having An Adventure



There is nothing more exciting and worth while than adventure in life. Building your own business, creating your own products and watching customers snatch it up is complete adventure.

Just like an adventure climbing up a mountain you’ll have good times and tough times, but in the end it’s not the summit that’s important, it’s the journey that made it all worth while.

Daniel Alarik, Grunt Style

11. Selling


Selling. If you can’t sell your vision to investors, potential to
employees, and value to customers, it’s hard to call yourself an entrepreneur.

Rich Aberman, WePay

12. Hiring Employees


You will succeed by hiring employees.

Instead of trying to be an expert in everything, hire specialists on your team to maximize results. You will win by focusing on your core strengths and building your business versus trying to do everything. Along with the personal satisfaction of hiring employees, the government rewards entrepreneurs who create jobs. Find a great accountant who can advise you on the tax laws, and you’ll win economically by being an employer too.

Josh Lannon, Journey Healing Centers

And possibly the most important thing all entrepreneurs will succeed at:

13. Not Living A Life Of Regret


The main thing all entrepreneurs will succeed at is not living a life of regret. As they say, better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. Entrepreneurs have great unbridled passion for both their business and life vision. However it all turns out, they will have succeeded because they had the drive to dare to turn their dreams into reality. That my friend is…..priceless.

Craig Wolfe, Celebri Ducks

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