1M/1M Roundtable for Entrepreneurs: Winners Of TechHub-A&N Media Battle Of The Startups Contest In London Win 1M/1M Scholarships

26 May 2012 Entrepreneurship

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Last night, at a packed event in London’s TechHub, A&N Media awarded five yearlong 1M/1M scholarships. The judges for the contest were Kevin Beatty, CEO of A&N Media, Dominique Trempont, Board Member of DMGT (parent company of A&N Media), Bill Raduchel, Strategic Advisor to DMGT, Alberto Torres, former EVP and GM of Nokia’s MeeGo division, and me.

Let’s review the businesses we saw.

Drummond Gilbert, pitched goCarShare to connect drivers with paying passengers who wish to travel the same way, allowing them to share the journey costs. It uses Facebook to connect users with friends of friends and a rating system to help create a trusted community. goCarShare will take a commission of 15 % of the paid transaction between the passenger and driver.

Will Hodson pitched Platter, a cross between Instagram and Pinterest for food, along with other features such as micro blogging, vertical search, and so forth. Will proposes to use affiliate marketing as a way of monetization similar to what Pinterest is attempting.

Fitness Freak
Shara Tochia pitched Fitness Freak, a bookable Web platform that allows users to search for and book fitness classes and activities. It also integrates with booking partners to offer an easy-to-use service and a review platform for journalists and users.

Insane Logic
Next, Zoe Peden pitched Insane Logic and an educational iPad app called MyChoicePad. It uses symbols and sign language with speech to enable choice and communication for children and adults with learning or communication difficulties.

Then Steven Lucero pitched PopUpShopUp, a social media for popup shops, restaurants, cinema, entertainment, charities or any and all temporary retail events, utilizing a curated member-based website, www.popupshopup.com, weekly email newsletter, mobile application and check-in technology. PopUpShopUp aims to become the marketplace for consumers to visit to learn about all popup events first in London, then throughout the UK and finally, in the top 100 urban areas of the world.

Hire Space
The next business pitched was Hire Space, a website that allows you to find, book and pay for publicly available space online. Hire Space works with a diverse range of venues, from schools to private function venues and provides a platform for the sale of associated services such as catering and entertainment.

Jonny Britton pitched TimeMaps, a company that makes digital history maps to illustrate events over time. The company sells to schools, homeschoolers, parents and other educators all over the world.

Jason Cooper pitched Simplytics, a mobile advertising engagement analytics model to help better measure user engagement with ads.

Enjoy! Karaoke
Neill Watson pitched Enjoy! Karoke, a Facebook game that taps into the vast pool of singing fun that dominates prime time TV.

Jack Tang pitched Thestudentjob.com, a social-network-based job portal connecting students with local employers looking for casual staff on a one-off or part-time basis.

The winners of the contest were: Enjoy! Karaoke, Thestudentjob, InsaneLogic, Platter, and goCarShare.

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