You Want To Be A Die Hard Startup Entrepreneur?

19 March 2012 Entrepreneurship

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The entrepreneurship journey is a journey that is full of ups and down. In fact, the road is rocky. So for you to be able to make it through you must be a die hard entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are people who change the world, they are the kind of people that makes the world go round and make it lively. Without them I wonder how the world would look like.

Only you and you understand clearly why you choose to be an entrepreneur. I’m sure you must have taken a deep thought before taking that bold step? Many people think that being a successful entrepreneur is just a day job; little did they know that entrepreneurship is not as easy as the name sounds.

There are many obstacles and challenges on the way, as you grow the tougher the challenges become. Many people who transition to be an entrepreneur get back to their co-operate lifestyle because they can’t bear the obstacles, instead of them to face their challenges, they allow their challenges to take over them.

The fact is, to make it big on the entrepreneurship journey you must be ready to be a diehard entrepreneur. And to be a diehard entrepreneur, here are what you should do:

Believe In Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself who will? I doubt if I will ever believe in you. If you can’t develop the self belief, then you’re not fit to become an entrepreneur.

If you are able to build the self confidence it will be easy for you to convince people to buy into your vision. Entrepreneurs who don’t believe in themselves are nowhere to be found, they never last long due to their inability to believe in their selves.

You have got to believe in yourself, believe that you can make it happen even when others doubt you. Let them know what you’re made of and prove to them you’re capable.

Follow Your Guts

It’s good to follow your guts rather than following the crowd by default. Don’t be scared of trusting your intuition. Don’t be scared to try out new things or work on your idea. Even if you fail at least you give it a try and you just find out that things won’t work that way.
Pay no mind to those external voices that are trying to hurt you down in order not to follow your guts and exploit new things. You must be ready to follow your guts and see how things go. And if you’re able to do that, at the end, you will be glad you took that bold step.

Get Your Hands Dirty

I guess you know why you choose to be an entrepreneur? And you know your main purpose on the entrepreneurship journey? So why are you waiting for manners from above? When you’re supposed to be working.

There is no room for the lazy entrepreneur in the entrepreneurship world. If you want to make it big, you must be ready to give it all what it will take. And one of it is by getting your hands dirty, I mean by working hard. If you can’t get your hands dirty don’t expect any positive result.

Nothing good comes easy. One of the tools you need to become a successful person in life is hard work. If you want to be a diehard entrepreneur, you must be ready to work hard.

No successful entrepreneur will tell you that he or she is in the game for child’s play or in the game to roll dice. The entrepreneurship world is not a playing ground.

Get Feedback And Decide For Yourself

It is always good for an entrepreneur to get feedback from people; it might be concerning their company, product, or any other things that are related to your business.

After getting the feedback, it’s now left to you to decide on the kind of feedback you will love to take in, I mean the kind of feedback you think it will be of great help to you or the company.

Not all feedback are good, so you must be able to filter the bad ones and keep the good ones in order to know the next step to take. Don’t let people decide for you, you must be able to decide for yourself.

Inability for an entrepreneur to decide for him or herself will destabilize the entrepreneur. Always remember that people will always talk, but it’s left to you to decide on what it’s good for yourself or the company.

Get In Touch With Successful Entrepreneurs

What I mean by that is, you must network with influential people, people who will be of help to you. People who will be ready to give you a helping hand when you need it.

The journey is a lonely and boring journey, in order to make it lively, you have to network with people who have been through the journey you’re just embarking on. You can’t do it all alone, you need people who can help you out, people who will guide you through in order to manage all the possible risk on the entrepreneurship journey.

Persist Till You Make It

One of the keys to become a diehard entrepreneur is “Persistency” if you can’t persist till you make it, then you can’t dwell on the mountain top.

But before you put on the spirit of “persistency” make sure you love what you do. If you don’t love what you do and you keep persisting, you won’t go far.

On the entrepreneurship journey, you will fail many times, come across different kind of obstacles and challenges. Critics will criticize you; mockers will mock you just because they want you to back down. But the ability to persist till you make it will help you dwell on the mountain top.

Never never give up; the journey is not easy at all. I’m not trying to scare you; I’m only trying to tell you the fact.

You’re not alone, even if you fail, you just have to stand up, dust off your shirt and get back to work. Failure is part of the process. Don’t be scared of failure, you just have to embrace it. Keep going, stay faithful to the process and always persist till you make it.


If you are able to stick to the above listed advice, you will surely make it through. No one is a highland of knowledge you just have to keep learning and trying till you get to where you want to be. Keep putting in your best and stay faithful to the process.

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