How Smart Businesses Create Dominos Effect With Word-of-Mouth

09 April 2012 Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurs all know the best form of marketing is Word-of-mouth marketing. But building buzz and referrals for a company that ultimately create the dominos effect is easier said than done. Thankfully, the following entrepreneurs share with us how they have done it for their businesses.

Hopefully, with their guidance, you can also.

1. Getting Social

To fulfill our ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ we hold semi-annual ‘socials.’ We invite as many local business people and entrepreneurs to an event in our company courtyard. We offer free food, drinks, music and lively conversation. People also get a chance to meet our team members, tour our office and enjoy some time networking. We’ve had lots of fun, received great feedback and build excellent word-of-mouth marketing!

Thanks for the insight provided by:

Deborah Sweeney


2. The Most Effective Way I’ve Built My Business

One of the best referral strategies I use involves e-mail discussion lists: if I do good work for someone who found me on one of those lists, and that person writes a note about how thrilled s/he is, I ask if s/he’d post something to the list. Through this one tactic, my name spread far and wide, and a number of industry experts refer work to me.

I discuss this strategy in my eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson).

Thanks for the insight provided by:

Shel Horowitz–Green/Ethical Marketing Expert

Green And Profitable

3. Videos Are Louder Than words

While there might be some repeatable things that folks use to generate word of mouth, many a times – there are “one-off” events that trigger a long word of mouth for your business/website.

I had made a goofy video surrounding my hiring app and people really seemed to like it:

Thanks for the insight provided by:

Raj Sheth


4. Be The best You Can Be

I created word of mouth advertising for my business by starting locally, getting customers and doing an outstanding job. I would then ask them for referrals and because I was doing such a great job those existing customers started telling all their networking contacts about my business. I had so many referrals this way that I stopped traditional advertising and did very well just by the word of mouth advertising and business I received.

Thanks for the insight provided by:

Michelle Dunn

Michelle Dunn writer

5. Relationships Are Key To Building Your Business

I recommend creating target markets and then determine speaking venues where your target market meets. For Example, I work a lot with HR Professionals so I regularly speak at HR association meetings and conferences.

Thanks for the insight provided by:

Rachel Karu, MS, ACC

RAE Development

6. Ask Customers To Pass On A Postcard

Dot Girl Products asks our customers to spread the word by placing a postcard in shipping boxes. The postcard has information about The Dot Girl First Period Kit and asks customers to ‘Pass Me on to a Friend’ since moms with tween girls are going to know lots of moms with tween girls.

The postcard is simple and extremely cost effective. We believe that our best brand ambassadors are our customers and we are able to track that 40% of sales comes from word-of-mouth. This idea definitely works for us.

Thanks for the insight provided by:

Kathy Pickus

Dot Girl Products

7. Give Away Irresistible Information

A simple way I build word of mouth marketing is to give away an irresistible information magnet on my website that will be valued by my target market.

My target market is business owners who are keen to grow their sales and profits with easy to use marketing strategies. So my giveaway is a 396 page Ebook called “The Unfair Business Advantage Report.”

Because the ideas in the Ebook are so good, I have a huge number of business people who happily recommend it to other business owners. So I have word of mouth marketing happening every week.

Thanks for the insight provided by:

Graham McGregor

The Unfair Business Advantage

8. Good Fortune With The Fortune 100

My situation is not typical but I inadvertently created word-of-mouth advertising by teaching at a local university. My students, all working adults, told their managers about my classes and I wound up getting clients that were Fortune 100 firms.

Thanks for the insight provided by:

Dr. Marlene Caroselli


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