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07 February 2011 Entrepreneurship

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“Nothing is more inspiring than finding out about teens just like you growing awesome business”

And this made me think, what if we could get a bunch of teen business success stories into the hands of thousands, even millions of teenagers across the world. It could seed and inspire a whole new generation of entrepreneurs. Awesome people to go and solve problems, create jobs and make change.

Watch this deliciously amateur video I made about this…

I came up with the idea of crowdsourcing stories and putting them in a book which we could distribute physically and digitally via downloads. I posted my ideas and plans for this project on the main forum here. And so Jack who runs Teen Business Forum contacted me asking how he and TBF could help.

After a bunch of Skype conversations, Jack and I have come up with a basic plan on how to do this. There’s dozens of incredibly awesome follow-on projects that we agreed not to share just yet. The thing is, if we want to make this happen, we need to get real and figure out how to do this.

Since Jack is busy, and also preparing a related epic project for promoting teen entrepreneurship (keep an eye out!), we both agreed that I’d project manage this book. In short, what we’re going to do is:

  1. Setup a website ready for teens to submit their stories
  2. Setup a Kickstarter Project to fund the book
  3. Launch and promote submissions to get hundreds, hopefully thousands of teen entrepreneurs to submit their stories
  4. Launch voting system for people to nominate the best stories to be published
  5. By an end date, take the best 101-odd stories, make the pretty and publish them.

This is your opportunity to become part of something incredible. But we do need your help. We need a small, task-focused team to work with Jack and myself to get a website, forms and backend created. Of course, everyone will have the opportunity to chime in with their own stories, help promote the project and serve up any suggestions.

A couple of things we’re definitely looking for -there’s a Google docs form for you to help us at the bottom:


We’re going to get a delicious design for this project. Besides it probably helping with conversions and getting the site shared, it just feels better! I’ve got some wireframe mockups of what the pages are to look like.


Some of the backend form submission we’re looking to source “off-the-shelf” solutions like Gravity Forms for WordPress or Kapost. But we want to have some smart, but simple features that will one or two folks with programming heads to help create. Again, I’ve got some mockups I’ve got ready to for you guys to look at.

Video Editors

Nothing rocks better online than a really good video. Video is going to become a really central part of the promotion and different launches, and we want one of you to create it. If you want something you’ve made to be shown to millions of people (dead serious about that.) and have such a pivital role in the whole project, then we’d love to see what you’ve done and see what you can do for us.


This is going to be one of the coolest parts of the project. Personally, I love marketing. And this is basically just a big marketing project. But on my ownsome, I can’t make this what it could be.

We want to get all of you involved, but a small group of people who want to get involved with the marketing strategy, and also help with guest blogging (a key strategy we want to use) which will involve working with dozens business heroes we’ve already got shortlisted.

This isn’t going to as demanding as a second job either. A couple of hours now and again doing what your good at for an incredible cause. And we’ll give you a proper biography on the about page which will be the ultimate credibility builder for winning over clients and getting freelance jobs in the future. Sound good?

–> Here’s a link to the Google Docs form.

This is going to become really, really big. Enter your thoughts and suggestions in the form below. Also, join in with the forum thread in the Idea Incubator. (because its supposed to be a private section, you’ll need to have posted at least 10 times on the forum before. If you’re not quite over this, post some useful replies to some of the existing threads and then you’ll be able to see).

You can also use the contact form at the bottom, or reach Jack and I on Twitter @TeenBizForum and @fryed7 if you want to talk to us directly.

Ready to kickoff something awesome?

–> Here’s a link to the Google Docs form.

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