Why Entrepreneurs Should Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week #GEW

14 November 2011 Entrepreneurship

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Global Entrepreneurship Week kicks off today. It is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. So why should entrepreneurs celebrate it?

Celebrate GEW with us all week with Teenpreneurs: Generation Next.

1. To Become A Sponge


Becoming a sponge is one of the most important things entrepreneurs have to do. There will always be someone who has been there and seen it. We must learn and adapt from their mistakes to create our successes. At times it is difficult to get the proper guidance and mentorship as people are generally occupied with their own dilemmas and challenges. Having a set time for entrepreneurship is very important for that reason. An all access event to pick the brains of those we are trying to follow.

Camilo A Ferro, The Plastic Bag Solution


2. Reflect On Positive Impact On World

Maureen Dunn sq.jpeg

As a society we rely on entrepreneurs to develop new and better ways to do things and tackle problems. I identify as a social entrepreneur, in the sense that my business has a double bottom line – profit and social
impact. Our success supports the economic empowerment of women in India and Nepal and a way out of poverty for their families.

I think Global Entrepreneurship Week is a good time to reflect on how our buying power and our business practices can have a positive effect on the world, rather than an exploitative one.

Maureen Dunn, Mata Traders


3. Making A World Of Difference


Entrepreneurs are of vital importance because they can make a world of difference in the lives of those they serve and the people they employ. Realizing your dream while helping others achieve their goals, whether it be to solve a problem or make a living, is a gratifying way to spend your life. Starting a business can yield fruit for the entrepreneur, and strengthen local economies thereby impacting people, communities and industries for the better.

David Ciccarelli, Voices


4. Ideals Worth Passing To Next Generation


If the last couple of years has taught the world anything, it’s that jobs don’t offer the security people once thought they did. Salaries are not keeping pace with rising costs and more employers are passing on the costs of health care benefits and retirement on to employees. Other problems with jobs are that they don’t compensate employees based on value, they stifle creativity and they infringe on time spent with family and personal pursuits.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand can earn what they’re worth, pursue their passions, and create a lifestyle that works for them. These are all ideals worth celebrating and passing on to the next generation.

Leslie Truex, Work At Home Success


5. Engage With International Marketplace


Young entrepreneurs should participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week because no small business can afford to exclude itself from the international marketplace. According to statistics, 95% of the world’s customers are located outside of the United States. Small business owners who choose not to engage the global consumer are leaving opportunities and money on the table.

Qiana Martin, Eat Soccer


6. To Encourage New Entrepreneurs


Global Entrepreneurship Week is an exciting time for successful entrepreneurs to motivate and encourage new entrepreneurs to have vision, make smart moves, and be innovative. It’s a time to prove that you don’t have to follow the molded path of what prior generations have expected from young people to be successful, and it’s a time to “not follow where the path may lead,” but instead “go where there is no path and leave a trail.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sara N. Schoonover, TicketKick


7. To Celebrate The Entrepreneurial Mindset

BruceBachenheimer200x200 (2).jpg

Because entrepreneurship is a mindset — a way of thinking and acting, not simply about starting a business. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value. These skills are important not only for those seeking to establish a new venture, but are increasingly critical in a wide variety of careers given today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, where rapid technological innovation and globalization has led to corporate downsizing and a dramatic change in the very nature of work.

Bruce Bachenheimer, Clinical Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship, Pace University


8. To Look At How Far We Come


Global entrepreneurship week is the time to celebrate and appreciate the dedication and hard work that a new business owner undertakes. It’s a moment where one can step back and look to see how far they have come to get to where they are today. It is also a good opportunity to share experiences and know how with the entrepreneur community, and maybe even help a new young entrepreneur along the way!

Danielle DiFerdinado, Danielle Nicole Handbags


9. Taking Control Of Your Career


All entrepreneurs should celebrate Global Entrepreneur Week because it means YOU take control of your career and YOUR path. Being an entrepreneur means taking action and being ok with some risk. Even if you don’t work full-time on your business and just start off working on the side, there is no better or quicker way to learn what makes this economy run and how jobs are created. There is no better teacher than starting your own business.

Katie Hughes, Dance Yourself Fit LLC


10. Freedom


Teens need to know that being an entrepreneur gives you a life that working for others cannot. Being an entrepreneur allows you to have freedom and control over your life, and to achieve all that you are capable of achieving. In a world in which socialism is being pushed and individual responsibility is being lost, young people must understand that having the choice to work for yourself has been taken away in some societies. True freedom includes the right to win or lose as an entrepreneur.

Pablo Solomon, Artist & Designer


11. To Be Inspired And Nurtured

Dana Leavy - Aspyre Solutions.png

One of the biggest challenges all entrepreneurs, and young entrepreneurs in particular, face is not backing down on your creative ideas in the face of adversity, whether it’s opposition from friends, family, colleagues or significant others.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned as non-MBA toting entrepreneur in my late 20s is the importance of surrounding myself with people who support, relate to and energize my ideas, and those people have included my colleagues, my mentors, my vendors and customers and even my competition!

No one will ever tell you that the entrepreneurial journey is an easy one, and as much as you might need all the right tangible tools like a business plan, funding, and technology, you also need confidence, drive, motivation and self-discipline. Being around other people who not only inspire that, but help you nurture those qualities is a key ingredient to success.

So what better way to do that than participate in the array of industry-focused events, networking and learning opportunities that something like GEW would offer the young entrepreneur community?

Dana Leavy, Aspyre Solutions – Small Business & Career Consulting


12. Celebrate Companies Contributing To Economy


As an entrepreneur, business consultant, author and business motivational speaker, I believe we should all celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Because entrepreneurship has challenged the creativity in humanity, turning those ideas into profitable and successful ventures on which the economic wheel of every nation is running. With the current economic downturn all governments are putting programs in place to inspire the creative abilities of its citizens in turning out businesses that will provide the needed employment opportunities for their respective economies.

Victor Kwegyir, International Business Consultant and author of “The Business You Can Start – Spotting The Greatest Opportunities In The Economic Downturn”


13. Be Energized

JBFCS Eula.jpeg

You spend a lot of time working on your business and even re-eventing your business products and services. Having a venue where you can meet other Global Entrepreneurs can help you meet global business owners, share ideas and network. Yes entrepreneurs go to many networking events, but the difference is you are in a global setting and you meet so many different people in different industries. This will energize you and help set renewed strength in building your business. This is very important in building your business.

Eula M. Young, Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc


14. Celebrating The Can-Do Spirit


Global Entrepreneurship Week is the occasion to celebrate the can-do spirit that drives entrepreneurs, often against great odds, to accomplish their dreams of starting and running a business. Entrepreneurship is about as tough a career path to pick as the future is almost always uncertain, the risks are great and hours are long. But ask any entrepreneur if he or she would go back to work for another company and almost all would answer no. Global Entrepreneurship week validates our collective struggles to take risks, pursue dreams and, hopefully, make the world a better place.

Dave Manzer, PR Over Coffee


15. Just As Good As Shark Week

ben headshot.jpeg

Because, besides Shark Week, this might be the week that gets me the most excited. I got started fresh out of college with nothing but an idea, two friends and a lot of energy. Just over a year later we have a team of ten, that’s Angel backed, and have partnered with some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Ideas and passion give me fuel and that’s why I celebrate Entrepreneurship.

Ben Wagner, LifeKraze


16. Make Local And International Connections


Entrepreneurs from all over should be celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week because entrepreneurship is now more global than ever. From New York to Chile to Central Europe to Tel Aviv, people are getting excited about this experience because the idea is not only grounded in one region, but a worldwide phenomenon.

People everywhere, from all walks of life–young and old–are creating, inventing, and revolutionizing the business world and sometimes even in cross-regional and cross-cultural partnership. And in joining them, we can make local and international connections across diverse industries, from early idea innovators to billion dollar revenue achievers, and gain inspiration to bring back to our own companies and endeavors.

Ian Aronovich, Government Auctions


17. To Learn From International Community

stefan--4547 (200x200 pxl).jpeg

Because… your customers–and competitors–are not (only) on the next block, town or state even, but on other continents. Learn from them; they are assuredly already learning from you.

Global competition is not just for the likes of General Motors and Coca Cola. Thanks to technology, your start up can be a micro-multinational from the very beginning.

Stefan Bielski, 2bschool


18. Act & Think Globally

VOS Logo.jpeg

As a passionate International Business professional, I align that Global Entrepreneurship Week should be celebrated in full-force because globalization is becoming evermore apparent everyday. The business environment in which almost any entrepreneur works & developments today and in the future will have been influenced to some degree by the international marketplace. Hence, it is paramount that entrepreneurs think & act with the global community in-mind while making conscience decisions based on the following simple principle: “Every action causes a counteraction.”

José Alejandro Flores, VOS®


19. Embrace Global Market


Because of the Internet, we are now able to sell products and services all over the world with the click of a mouse. I have about 20 distributors who sell my product and it has opened up whole new markets for my company. I think entrepreneurs should embrace the global market and focus on selling in other countries. It’s not as hard as it seems.

Julie Austin, Creative Innovation Group


20. Getting Together With Like-Minded People

Shaun Walker, Creative Director at HERO_farm.jpeg

It’s time to get together with other like-minded movers and shakers. If you surround yourself with good, creative people who bring out the best in you everything else almost always takes care of itself. Good ideas will flow more readily and your team will find ways to make them work.

Every good entrepreneur needs a solid idea, but I believe that collaboration, which is key in this day in age, will facilitate more creativity and improve ideas. Business today, especially in this economy, is about collaboration—not competition.

Shaun Walker, HERO|farm


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