2 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Fiverr

20 September 2010 Internet Marketing

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Fiverr is all the rage at the moment for those searching for ways to increase their passive income and how to make money on Fiverr. Among the fluff and fuss surrounding Fiverr there are stuff I bet you didn’t know. For example you could post a job offer on Fiverr and have people contact you. Basically there are lots of stuff that Fiverr offers which could help you a lot as an entrepreneur. I’ll run through it here.

Make money fiverr

1.Fiverr Has A Job Board, USE IT!

Many people who visit Fiverr rarely notice this. This means only few of them make use of it, so after reading this you have no excuse not to make use of their job board. Upon visiting the Fiverr website you’ll notice that on the right side of the screen you will see a text box below the twitter bird. Yeah the square one, it says “suggest gigs”.  In fact that is a coded way to say “post your jobs for free”. Only the privileged know that, so now count yourself as privileged. So you must be asking, “Now what do I do with that?” Simple. Let us say you need someone to research a particular niche.  All you need to do is write in the box what you need and wait for someone to get back to you. Or for example you need an article written on a particular topic, all you need do again is to fill in the bow with details of what you want exactly and let people get to you and from there you can go ahead and screen them. Now you know! Go make use of it now!

2. The Fiverr Traffic Trick

So you’ve been on Fiverr for let us say a couple of weeks now and your gig is starting to get buried amongst the 32,096 other gigs out there, plus the number of views you’re getting is starting to take a serious deep. So what do you do in this case? Don’t despair I’ve got a solution for you. This is a trick which lots of Fiverr users use. On Fiverr’s homepage the default list of gigs is in dated order (ie the new gigs get listed first that is after the featured gigs but this is still on the first page). So what many Fiverr users do is create a clone of their original gig daily which comes up on the Fiverr homepage when new users visit Fiverr. In the clone gig, they ask the customers-to-be to follow the link they have inserted in it which redirects them to their original gig to order. This is a rinse and repeat method (i.e. you have to keep on doing it daily in order to reap the benefits of it). Nevertheless it does pay off with the increase in orders as well as the fact that it probably takes about 5 minutes to replicate a gig.

So now that you know two more good uses of Fiverr, what are you waiting for?  Go out there and give it a go!  Outsource your work.  Generate traffic to your gigs. There are tons of things you could do there.

How do you use Fiverr? I would love to hear it.

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