How Internet Marketers Build Partnerships

14 March 2011 Internet Marketing

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hand_shake.jpegI recently learned out how internet marketers really make money from their list. It’s not as obvious as having a million people on an email list, send an email and get 1% to buy. It’s much more complicated and more customer oriented.

Joint Ventures Through Email Lists

Internet marketers don’t necessarily need big lists although it does help. There are a lot of joint partnerships that go on. This is how two parties could potentially partner up:

John has a list of 10,000 people that is subscribed to a topic of “building a blog”. Joe would like to start building his list and he himself is an expert on building a blog using WordPress. To partner up, Joe approaches John and asks if he could promote a webinar on the topic. This webinar must be relevant and contain good content on “building a blog” or else John wouldn’t promote it.

Let’s say the webinar was paid. John gets an affiliate link for the people on his list so that if anyone buys, John gets a percentage. Both parties make some money. But all that is mute unless the webinar was good and the customers who paid got something of value from it.

A more likely example is if the webinar was free. In this case, Joe is just looking to build his email subscribers up. He asks anyone who is interested in participating in the webinar to opt-in to Joe’s list. At the end of the webinar, Joe might pitch an offer where he gave John an affiliate link. If anyone buys, John gets a cut.

Maintaining Reputation Highest Priority

There are some people that just push products no matter what. But many of the legit marketers build a good relationship with the people on their list. The worst thing that can happen is if the marketer promoted something that was total crap to the email list. That will ruin the person’s reputation.

Because of that, there are “affiliate managers” that check out people who propose to do joint ventures. These managers make sure the other person has a good product and reputation.

Internet Marketing More Clear

I hope it’s more clear now how internet marketers build partnerships with each other. The most valuable thing an internet marketer has is their reputation. If that’s ruined, no one will buy anything.

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