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16 July 2010 Internet Marketing

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This is a guest post by Tommy Odom.  Tommy is a young entrepreneur who is working on networking with his peers, learning and applying as much as he can. Currently he is writing articles for various blogs, TBF included, as well as starting his own entrepreneurial podcast, The Tommy Odom Show.

The Internet is vast; it is StumbledUpon vs Diggincredibly large, beyond the ability for most people to imagine it. This is a double-edged sword when it comes to the Internet marketing branch of young entrepreneurship. On one side there is the creation of a multitude of niches catering to all kinds of people. An untold number of miniature markets that not only allow a more focused target group but also the ability to work on what you want to and still make money. The flip-side is that it is hard to get the word out about your product, or service, due to the sheer size of the Internet. Fear not there are many tools designed for the singular purpose of getting people’s attention about everything noteworthy on the web. The two largest internet marketing tools, out of all social media networks, are Digg and StumbleUpon.


Digg is a social networking news feed. Users take individual stories and they either dig or bury a story depending on how they feel on the topic. The most popular Diggs are placed on the home page and those who subscribe to the general rss feed only see those particular Digg articles. Digg has an estimated 2.7 million users and is constantly growing. With such a large and varied readership the site’s pioneering voting system is fairly accurate most of the time. However there have been issues in the past where companies pay to have their stories, which usually slander the competition, moved to the top tier and bypass the normal voting system most news has to go through. For Internet marketers there are a few things you should know about Digg. Most Digg users don’t spend more then eight seconds on individual article, and for the most part didn’t stay long enough to read multi-page articles. Also due to the popularity aspect if your site does not become massively popular within twenty-four hours it is unlikely your site will ever see much more Digg traffic.


StumbleUpon is not a news source; instead it is a collaboration of virtual communities, which users can, over time, specify their inherent interests. A user choosing the general topics they are interested in, from anime to sports cars, accomplishes this then once the toolbar is installed the user just presses the stumble button and the user is taken to a site that resembles their interests. The user then chooses weather they liked the site with either a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. StumbleUpon has over five million users and sites that are accessed by StumbleUpon can receive up to thirty thousand unique referrals within a week. Also sites tend to leak into StumbleUpon at a slower rate which keeps a veritable feeding frenzy of information from occurring, which is so common on other social media devices. Also, traffic lasts longer then Digg and articles can show up weeks after they were initially stumbled with constant traffic still flowing to them.


In conclusion StumbleUpon is the site of choice for the teen businessman. The users spend more time on articles, read more in depth into them and unless you are looking to gather the technology crowd it is very niche specific. Digg will award sites with massive traffic but only for a brief window and the traffic rarely stays to find out much and is usually controlled by interesting sounding article titles. Whereas StumbleUpon gives constant traffic and quality traffic, allowing you to find your target demographic and more directly interact with them. Keep in mind that most of the users are fairly web-savvy and will rarely buy into your advertisements and some even use tools to turn ads off. Also the traffic in both cases do not spend that much time reading and are more appealed to the atheistic of your site. Finally there are a multitude of other social media networks like Reddit or Delicious so always be on the look out for different ways to market your brand.

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