Shockwaves In The Internet Marketing Industry

15 January 2011 Internet Marketing

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Internet marketing’s been around since 1995, in it’s earliest forms.  Over the years, the people who figured out how to make money is making A LOT of it.  I can’t even speculate the amount.  Those were the A players.  And then came the B players who knew a little bit who came out with products that taught C players who taught D players and so on.  And what’s happened is that a lot of the informational products out there about how to get started in internet marketing is nothing but empty promises.  That makes the good products look bad.

It’s true.  The ones who really know how to make money are keeping the secrets to themselves because there’s so many copycats.

Opportunity To Straighten Things Out

One of the well-known internet Join The Uprisingmarketers Yanik Silver has teamed up with Derek Gehl to do something about what’s happening to the industry.  These were the original A players.  What they’ve done is very unique.  They’re doing free online courses, undergroundX on what it really takes to make money from the internet.  They don’t promise you “make money online quick”.  They promise you “work hard, it will work” mentality which is what internet marketing is about.

The videos are free and 1 hour long.  Originally, I thought it would be 15 minutes videos but when I saw that it was 1 hour long, I thought these guys were not joking about doing something that could send shockwaves through the industry.  They only ask that you donate to charity if you find the information useful.

So How’s The Info

In that one hour of the first video, they covered a whole ton.  I definitely think it’s not for the person who just woke up and heard about internet marketing.  It’s definitely for someone who’s tried it for a while, who’s tested and found some things to work, some things that don’t.  The best stuff in the video was their breakdown of the different tools that they use.  And there is no affiliate links to any of the tools.  They’re the same ones that I have heard from other internet marketers are ones they use as well.  They also do a good job of saying which tool is good for what and why.  And at the end, they give you a spreadsheet for you to use to do your market research.  Those things are extremely useful.

Marketing For Underground Seminar?

Some may say isn’t this just marketing for the upcoming Underground Seminar?  Maybe, because it is coming up in March.  But that conference always sell out and it’s not like Yanik need to make more money.

See It For Yourself

Just see it for yourself.  It is free after all.

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