Social Networking – A Recent Internet Marketing Business Trend

23 May 2010 Internet Marketing

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social_media If you want to drum up some publicity for your offerings on the World Wide Web, grab eyeballs, attract web traffic, and enhance the brand image of your company and its products or services, internet marketing should be your ideal choice. Though there are various methods that you can use for your internet marketing campaign like search engine optimization, paid search, e-mail marketing, placing ads on some high-traffic websites, blogging, mobile marketing etc, the craze these days is all about social network marketing.

If you are wondering what business oriented social networking is all about, it’s nothing but the tactful approach of using various sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc for marketing purposes. To begin with, you can sign up and add your profile on these sites and start interacting with people from all over the world. You can also use LinkedIn to get in touch with professionals belonging to a similar niche. Whatever social networking site you choose, it’s important to create a compelling profile that helps you to get the word out about your business and your website to almost millions of people.

By networking with people having varied tastes and professionals who belong to a similar industry, you can get an insight into the recent trends and what’s hot with the customers. You may even ask your existing and potential clients to share feedback on your offerings so that you can fine tune your advertising and marketing campaigns accordingly and reap the optimum benefits. These sites can offer you the ideal platform for successfully targeting your clientele and offering them the right product. However, if you join such networking sites with the sole purpose of selling, you may soon become an outcast, develop a negative reputation and get shunned by other members. The key is to interact and help others by sharing your expertise and knowledge, while indirectly promoting your products and services. Remember – you should be an active participant on these sites to create your credibility so that people take your advice seriously when you start promoting your offerings. Blatant sales promotion is a total no-no on social networking sites.

Since you can join most of these social networking sites for free, you can use them as cost-effective options to communicate with your existing and prospective clients, and get them interested in your business. However, you should have a sincere desire to help people by providing or sharing information that can help someone to overcome a challenge or meet a specific requirement. Remember – it’s the spirit giving rather than receiving that is the essence of social network marketing.

So, plan your strategies well to build a solid customer base using these social networking sites, which in turn can give your business the much needed leverage.  Here’s wishing you good luck!

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