The Different Types of Internet Marketers

05 April 2011 Internet Marketing

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Not all internet marketers are the same. Some use different methods to bring in revenue. Below are the different types that I have observed.

A. The Trafficker

This is the type of internet marketer that only cares about the sale. There is no customer relationship built in. These guys do not have a email list. They make money by buying Pay Per Click traffic and getting 1% of the traffic to buy a product. After that, it’s done. It’s a buy or die mentality. These guys spend so much on PPC that their AdWords cost can easily be 6 figures per month.

B. The Recommender

This type of internet marketer has a blog and is making money from affiliate sales through product recommendations. These guys (hopefully) tried out the product they are recommending and thus write content around the product. The traffic is driven mostly through natural ways through word of mouth, social media, or search engines.

C. The Lister

This type of internet marketer makes money from their email list. Period. They have a blog but that is only to help support the email list. They may or may not have developed a product but are recommending the people on their email list a certain product offer. The strength of the business relies on the reputation of the person. The person IS the business. This person have a very strong relationship with the people on their email list, almost to the point where they are family. They are truly fans and will come to this person’s aid if someone makes nasty remarks. This type of internet marketer can easily make 5 figures from sending out one email.

D. The JV Guy

This type of internet marketer could be considered the newbie. This joint venture (JV) person does not have a strong email list nor a product. They partner with other internet marketers who have a strong email list or product. They get help from other IM guys to help build up their email list which leads them to become one of the other types on this list.

E. The “I Make Money By Teaching You How I Make Money” Guy

This type of internet marketer is teaching other people how to make money online without having actually been successful. If they can’t point to a product that they created that have been successful and they are teaching people how to create a product, stay away.

Which one are you, A, B, C, or D? (Notice E is not an option)

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