Using Blogs for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

16 May 2010 Internet Marketing

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Promoting your business online requires a solid Internet marketing strategy. There are many different paths to choose from, each with its own limitations and expenses, whether in the form of time or money. One of the most effective, and time consuming, Internet marketing strategy is blogging.

Many people today think of blogging as simply a way to express viewpoints, share our daily journey with others online, or to sell a product. Blogging offers many more options and a wide array of possibilities for the dedicated self-promoter. Yet blogs and blogging require a level of care and dedication and perseverance.

Nuts and bolts of blogs

One of the best aspects about blogging as an Internet marketing strategy is that it doesn’t cost anything to start up. Whether you choose WordPress or Blogger or some other platform, or have the savvy to set up your own blog, you can design your personalized layout or choose from many free templates. All it demands of you is time.

So, how can a blog help you market yourself or your product or service? Blogs are the sharing of ideas, networking with others who have the same passions or opinions or beliefs as you. The most effective blogs are those that are targeted, meaning they have a very narrow focus on one quintessential idea, regardless of what that idea is. If you like pottery, there will be many people who share that. If you have a passion for gumball machines, you’ll find like-minded people.

But in order to have that successful Internet marketing strategy, it’s simply not enough just to blog about the topic. You have to share information that others will be interested in and that pertain to the subject matter.

So how does this help with marketing?

When you build a blog, and begin to write consistently on it, whether you’re posting articles on the subject, information people can use, videos or pictures, or any other content that can be shared on the Internet, you have a web presence. The next step is to make sure people know you exist.

To find people who want to follow your blog, you have to comment on other people’s blogs. Of course, those people that share your interest. At this point, once you have enough posts and information that average individuals will find interesting and useful, you would be able to link back to your blog and begin to build your own following.

RSS feeds

The last component to blogs that will be part of this Internet marketing strategy is RSS feeds. This is where people sign up to receive updates when you post them, so they are within reach at all times. More on RSS feeds later. For now, get out there and start blogging.

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