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24 June 2010 Internet Marketing

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In this current, ever-changing environment of social networks and other Internet marketing strategies that are available to any business, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction, myth from reality, or solid, common business sense from flash-in-the-pan techniques. Twitter is one of those internet marketing tools that, unfortunately, has been abused, neglected, and overlooked. Yet it remains a solid Internet marketing strategy that any serious businessman or woman needs to recognize if they desire success on the World Wide Web stage.

Twitter me this …

If you’ve heard about Twitter, then odds are you have a friend, or far too many, who have taken to the social networking site to post their everyday –and often, unfortunately, far too personal- information on a regular basis. ‘Sitting at the bus stop’ or ‘Going out of my mind in class, today’ are some of the tamer posts from a culture of boredom and a lack of social inhibitions about sharing. Twitter can be used for just about any information sharing that one can devise.

For businesses, it is an opportunity that may be overlooked in light of these other distractions. Twitter is a way to stay connected. From this moment on, it’s a good idea to forget what you know about Twitter through friends and focus on it as a viable and reliable Internet marketing strategy. Costumers, potential customers, and those who are looking for information or deals on any number of products and services enjoy feeling as though the business they choose to deal with is sharing with them pertinent information, sometimes even ‘secrets’ the general public may not know.

Connect through Twitter

As mentioned, customers enjoy feeling a connection with businesses, even if it’s an impersonal message, it still makes them feel as though they are important on some level and more importantly, it keeps the business in the forefront of their minds. But what’s most important as an Internet marketing strategy when using Twitter is that one can update customers on products that are coming out, sales and other special offers, and instructional videos, articles, or soundbites regarding an number of topics.

Twitter has a limit on the number of characters (letters and such) that can be posted in one ‘tweet’, which is 140. This is advantageous because how many people, when rushing around from one place to the next, truly wants to read a tome from a business? These tweets allow your business to get in, get out, and share information in short order. It also keeps the business in the forefront of the mind of the customer.

When people are thinking about your business, they are more likely to do business with you. When they feel as though their chosen business is speaking to them, they tend to spread the word, and word-of-mouth marketing is perhaps the most potent Internet marketing strategy available.

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