Ben Wagner On Building LifeKraze, Where People Track How They Live Life [Interview]

03 February 2012 Interviews

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Ben Wagner is the founder behind LifeKraze, a website that asks “What have you done?” Another social network? Maybe, but this one is unique because you are awarded points for doing “stuff” and then redeem them for things you actually want.

This was a really fun interview with Ben. He’s a real funny guy.


What Ben Shared:

  • Where the idea for LifeKraze came from.
  • How he presented to investors with nothing more than an idea on pieces of paper, and then got funding for it!
  • Why he and his team all wore green headbands at South By South West where they launched their website publicly.
  • How they get over 17,000 search results for the term “LifeKraze press” alone
  • The fun part: how they make money- the revenue model in detail. He says on a good day, they make about $100/hour.
  • And Some of the lessons he learned along the way

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