Catherine Cook, MyYearbook Founder On Building, Runing, And Then Selling The Company [Interview]

05 February 2012 Interviews

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Catherine Cook is the founder of, the social network that helps people meet others through social games. What makes this story special is that Catherine started the company when she was a teen and has run it ever since.

Back during 2011′s Global Entrepreneurship Week, we interviewed her and asked “What’s it like? Being so young and building up a successful company that gets sold”.


What Catherine Shared:

  • What the story behind MyYearbook is.
  • How it’s different from Facebook.
  • Funding. Where it came from and they spent it.
  • What the first iteration of the product looked like.
  • One of the big questions: how she managed to balance school and business twice: first in highschool, then in college.
  • Revenue model. How MyYearbook makes money.
  • Some of the “Aha” moments.
  • The future of mobile.
  • Advice for other young entrepreneurs out there.

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