How Jack Kim Built Benelab, The Search Engine For Good [Interview]

08 August 2012 Interviews

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Jack Kim is not your normal high school student. He founded Benelab, a search engine that donates 100% of the revenue to charity. I read about him from a Mashable article and thought he would have great lessons and tips for anyone starting a business. I also just wanted to learn how the search engine works.


What Ben Jack:

  • How it all got started for Benelab
  • How the search engine works
  • How he formed his team
  • How he got all the great news press about the company
  • How the team decides who to donate money to
  • What Jack has done prior to Benelab
  • Lessons he shares with other teen entrepreneurs, including why it’s not good to hire a big team in beginning and what’s it like to fire someone
  • What’s next for Jack and Benelab

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