Jay King, Music Mogul And Grammy Winner Talks About Starting In Music Business [Interview]

01 July 2011 Interviews

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Jay King is a music pioneer. By the time he was 24, he had his own record label and won a Grammy with his group Club Nouveau. In this interview, Jay shares all he learned along the way and some more. See how he got started, how the he would do things different now that the technology has changed.

What Jay Shared:

  • How he first got started in the music business.
  • What the first thing he did as a performer was.
  • What led him to start his own record label.
  • What guerrilla methods he used to promote and sell his music
  • What it was like to win the Grammy.
  • What he learned from all the success.
  • How he stays on top of the music business.
  • What things he has lined up in the near future.
  • What resources should someone look into right now to get started in the business.
  • How an absolute newbie should get started.
  • What type of contacts the independent label should get to know.
  • Tips for young entrepreneurs.

Part 1

Part 2

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