Joseph Warren On Building CoCreativ, The Starbucks For Entrepreneurs [Interview]

12 August 2011 Interviews

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Joseph Warren is the founder of CoCreativ, a Starbucks for entrepreneurs. The concept behind the company is an entrepreneurial cafe for the virtual business owners to go, hang out, do work and interact with other entrepreneurs. Joseph is a very funny guy and some of the advice he gives is priceless. He does startup coaching at Oh yeah, he also started a company at 19 that did 50 million in revenue.


What He Shared:

  • What the concept behind CoCreativ is.
  • How he calculated that the co-working industry is $8 billion dollars.
  • Who the ideal customers are for CoCreativ.
  • Why CoCreativ will serve 5 different types of customers instead of just one.
  • What the revenue model is for CoCreativ.
  • Why similar businesses have a hard time making a profit.
  • How one mistake almost cost him the entire company.
  • What the right mindset is to have when pitching to investors.
  • A few lessons learned with the company he started at 19.
  • Advice he gives to young entrepreneurs out there.

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