Max Lytvyn Of Grammarly On Building The Most Accurate Grammar Checker Grammarly [Interview]

15 July 2011 Interviews

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Max Lytvyn is the founder behind Grammarly, the web-based solution for spelling and grammar checking. After selling his previous company to BlackBoard, he decided to again focus on the educational industry. Watch how Max started the company, some of the lessons he learned and what their strategy is for growing the company.


What Max Shared:

  • When he first became an entrepreneur
  • Where the idea for Grammarly originally came from.
  • What it was like to go from being an entrepreneur to working for a company.
  • What the product launch process was like.
  • What the revenue model is behind Grammarly.
  • How were the relationships with schools and universities established.
  • What the lead time was between making a connection with an university to making a sale.
  • What’s been the biggest success and what did you learn from it.
  • What’s been the biggest setback and the lessons learned.

Part 1

Part 2

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