Nate Drouin, Could Be The Next Great Crowdsourcing Platform? [Interview]

23 July 2011 Interviews

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How did a 19-year old get venture funding for his business idea? Better yet, how did the same teen entrepreneur establish the connection in the first place? Today’s interview is with Nate Drouin, the founder of For any domainers out there, the name itself would make you jealous. In this interview, Nate talks about how the idea got started, how he was able to secure the domain name and where the company is going next.


What Nate Shared

  • What the idea behind Fundraise is.
  • Where he originally got the idea from.
  • Why he chose to skip college.
  • How he was able to secure the domain name.
  • How Fundraise is different from other crowdsourcing platforms, like Kickstarter.
  • What the revenue model is behind Fundraise.
  • How they were able to get people to use their platform.
  • Who else is currently using the platform.
  • How he learned to Google things at a young age.
  • Lasting advice for other young entrepreneurs.

Part 1

Part 2

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