Scott Gerber on How To Never Get A “Real” Job

17 December 2010 Interviews

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Scott Gerber is a serial entrepreneur, never_get_a_real_jobangel investor, public speaker and writer.  He writes for many of the top entrepreneurship magazines such as Inc. Entrepreneur, Mashable and Wall Street Journal.  He recently launched his new book, titled “Never Get A ‘Real’ Job” where the talks his the mistakes he made from his biggest failed company and how he applied the lessons learned to create his successful business today.  Check it out, and see if it doesn’t make you want to not get a “real” job.

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Interview Breakdown:

:23 Introduction

1:12 What is the youth epidemic that you see?

3:21 What were the companies you started, when you started them, and the hard lessons you learned?

4:57 Kill your ego and why.

7:43 Where can someone learn to start a small business that you’re referring to?

9:49 How did you become a columnist for Inc., Entrepreneur, Wall Street journal?

12:08 So say I want to write for Inc.  How can I reach out to their authors, because there aren’t any contact forms.

13:47 How did you find your mentor?

14:47 You mentioned earlier about killing your own ego.  How can someone do that?

17:22 How did you pull yourself up after almost going bankrupted?

19:13 Tell us about the process of launching a book.

25:16 What kind of stories would you like to hear so you can say mission accomplished?

26:40 How were you able to put together the Young Entrepreneur Council?

29:29 What do you see in the future for young entrepreneurship?

32:19 What’s wrong with education in the US?

34:20 What are some good books you recommend for young entrepreneurs?

35:38 What lasting advice would you like to give to young entrepreneurs?

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