Six Inch Nails Publishing Release Terrorist Attack Themed Fiction

15 April 2011 Start-Up

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Terrorist attack themed fictional novel by Yogesh Dawda to release on the 15th of April 2011 by Six Inch Nails Publishing on different digital platforms like the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Desktop and the Amazon Kindle.

The book is fusion of fiction and non-fiction having the backdrop as the world’s biggest terrorist attack – 26/11 in which the author introduces the 11th terrorist (Rehana Qazim) along with an Indian boy and a Pakistani girl. The story goes via various countries, giving readers an insight into the terrorist attacks and the fictional twist of love and hatred to it. Comments the publisher, Urvesh Vasani of Six Inch Nails Publishing: “The Eleventh Terrorist is surely one great piece of fiction. Crisp and catchy, based on a topic which you can easily relate to. Everybody knows about terrorism and it’s effect on today’s society, but no one knows this compelling side of it. This book is not just for book readers/lovers, it’s for anyone who knows about this event; it’s for everyone.”

The book will be launched on the following devices:
1. Desktop
2. iPhone
3. iPad
4. Android
5. BlackBerry
6. Amazon Kindle

It will be made available through the official Six Inch Nails Publishing store, the author’s website, Amazon’s KINDLE STORE (available on various devices) and other eBook stores online.

The Eleventh Terrorist will be out and available for sale on the 15th of April 2010. More information (including interviews with the author, teasers, posters, cover art etc.) can be found at:

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