Ultimate List Of Stories Behind Business Names (Part 1)

31 March 2011 Start-Up

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In this series, we take a look at the story behind the name of a business. In this first of four articles, here are business names that are metaphors for something else. And this by far was the most common way to name a business.

The Metaphors

1. Point B Capital

The name of my company is Point B Capital – and my mission was to always help clients get from wherever they may be – ultimately, labeled “Point A” – to effectively, profitably, and enjoyably reach “Point B” – which is whatever they aspire to reach, whether it be to open more units, make more money, achieve missions, etc.

Paul Tran, www.PaulTran.com



2. Cornerstone Funeral Services

The cornerstone (or foundation stone) concept is derived from the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure.

Elizabeth Fournier, www.cornerstonefuneral.com



3. Visual Dialogue

When I started my graphic design and branding firm in college I picked the name visual dialogue because it represented how design (whether it be logos, ads, websites, interiors, whatever) functions as a VISUAL representation of the DIALOGUE between the client and the intended audience.

Fritz Klaetke, www.visualdialogue.com



4. Palm Yoga

Palm Yoga is a yoga studio located in Florida, but the name has nothing to do with the tropical location. Palm trees are resilient because they are able to bend with strong winds instead of break, so their strength comes from flexibility, which is a lesson were constantly learning during yoga practice.

Anna Weeks, palmyoga.com


scaled.Palm Yoga.jpeg

5. Social Light

I’m a social media marketing consultant, which means I should be out and about the social web – a socialite. However, more than just a social butterfly, my purpose is to guide people though this crazy, ever-changing landscape, thus after a weekend long brainstorm session with my husband, I became Social Light and I guide your online presence.

Nicole Krug, www.nicolekrug.com



6. Second Act

People who have survived cancer say that while they didn’t wish to get cancer, having gone through it has given them a new outlook on life. That’s why, when I opened my cancer recovery boutique I called it Second Act; a name representing the cancer survivors’ journey from the first act of their life: pre-cancer; and the second act of their life: survivorship.

Patricia Sheehan, www.secondactchicago.com


scaled.Sheehan 140 x 175 jpg.jpeg

7. 1st Movement

The 1stMovement represents the structure of technology, creative motion and strategic content all blending to deliver a harmonious result. When you hear The1stMovement’s unique melody, you realize it is both the start and the heart of a greater work.

Ming Chan, www.the1stmovement.com



8. 451 Marketing

451 is the temperature (*F) at which paper burns. We named our digital marketing agency 451 MARKETING because everything we do is too hot for traditional marketing (paper).

Rachael Weiner, www.451marketing.com



9. Fee Fighters

Being a startup of ninjas fighting to help business owners cut down their fees, we brainstormed badass names and settled on FeeFighters. As FeeFighters, we dropped our generic financial name, and owned our new unforgettable, ninja focused brand.

Stella Fayman, FeeFighters.com



10. Conspire Leadership

The name of my business is Conspire Leadership. The name came because 3 of us were literally “conspiring” to make big changes in our society. Then we realized that we help our clients to conspire in their relationship – from there it was basically a no brainer!

Jordanna Eyre, conspireleadership.com



11. Kore Access

I wanted to call my business “Kick Ass Marketing” because that is what I felt like doing for clients. However, that was not going to be in synch with my culture of appreciation so I dug deep and realized the feeling of Kicking Ass was at the very CORE of my being and that is what I wanted to ACCESS for my clients-thus the name Kore Access ( same initials – our little corporate secret!)

Maria Olga Pinochet, www.koreaccess.com



12. Lose To Win

I came up with my company name “Lose To Win” because when my clients lose weight and negative body perception, their health & self-esteem wins. I thought this was an interesting name because “Lose” typically has negative connotation, and the twist might help make my business name more memorable.

Robbie Bachar, www.ltwrobbie.com



13. Esotouric

“Esotouric” is a brand new word of my coining that combines “esoteric” with “tourism.” Because our business model was to offer tours that nobody else in our market would dream of giving, we needed our name to be smart, memorable, intriguing and easily understood–and I am happy to report that people love and remember the name Esotouric, which perfectly describes our business.

Kim Cooper, www.esotouric.com


scaled.Kim and Richard_esotouric.jpeg

14. The Fashion Office

The business is called The Fashion Office. Back in the day the fashion office produced fashion shows, catalogs, advertising, pr campaigns and visuals for department stores. We provide the same services and make people and places fashionable.

Milton, thefashionoffice.com


scaled.The Fashion Office logo.jpeg

15. Tired Walls

We are a pop up retail art gallery that does events inside the lobby’s of corporate office buildings. Most people have Tired looking walls that are outdated and old looking. The Tired Walls name and logo design always makes people laugh and identify with their own home. We look to bring fresh, new and exciting colors to your home or office to help brighten your day.

Craig A Fleming, CEO@TiredWalls.com



16. The White Cabinet

My late mother was a top fashion illustrator of the 1950′s whose drawings remained pretty much hidden away in the white cabinet in her apartment for the last 50 years. I started an online store selling reproductions of her drawings as prints and notecards and named it The White Cabinet because I felt if they lived there physically for all those years, they could reside there virtually online as well.

Elizabeth Glasgow, www.thewhitecabinet.com


scaled.The White Cabinet for Web.jpeg

17. Spare Foot

We were named “Homstie,” which was difficult to spell – much less pronounce. SpareFoot better illustrates our purpose and is a play on “square foot,” the most common measure for sizes of storage units.

Tony Emerson, www.sparefoot.com



18. The Founding Moms

We’re called The Founding Moms and we’re a collective of meetups around the globe for mom entrepreneurs. After being denied the trademark for the term “momtrepreneur” (we were formerly The Momtrepreneur Exchange) we decided upon a name that had to do with starting up and was a play on “The Founding Fathers,” as a tribute to where we began–the US of A.

Jill Salzman, www.foundingmoms.com


scaled.The Founding Moms.png

19. Is A Virture

My business name is “isavirtue” and it derives from my last name which is “Patience.” It was clear to me that “patience is a virtue” would be too long but I still wanted something that had multiple meanings and was unique!

Kaitlyn Patience, www.isavirtue.net


scaled.isavirtue image.jpeg

20. Brass Knuckles Media

Brass Knuckles always leave their mark and I was ready to leave my mark and start a revolution of positive thought and action. I am achieving this through my business which represents innovative, socially conscious experts and businesses, through my speaking and articles, and through my nonprofit Invictus Women which is a center for the empowerment, education, and economic development of single mothers (invictus means unconquered).

Shennandoah Diaz, www.brassknucklesmedia.com



21. Knoodle

We’re an advertising and public relations agency based in Phoenix, AZ that goes by the name of KNOODLE – as in “use you noodle” – engage your brain!!! It’s short, powerful, fun, smart and irreverent – and memorable (of course) and our clients love it!!

Rosaria Cain, www.knoodleshop.com


scaled.rosaria_cain AKF 1.jpeg

22. One Shade Greener

The goal of my business is to educate businesses and homeowners on steps they can take to be more environmentally friendly. The company name is “One Shade Greener”….taking small steps to become one shade greener than you are today.

Lori Sullivan, www.oneshadegreener.com



23. AM PM PR

My father and I named our business AM:PM PR – Allison McCormick and Pat McCormick working day and night for our clients. (Our initials worked out pretty well for that.)

Allison McCormick, www.ampmpr.com



24. Backbone and Wingspan

Backbone implies the spine but also empowerment with a sense of effortlessness and ease – while Wingspan implies widening off the backside but also spreading out into freedom and expansion.

I help people support the spine through getting connected to the powerful muscles of the back body that are in proximity to the spine: the triceps, trapezius, and lats form a wingspan of widening support for a sense of backbone in posture, sports, and even artistic endeavors.

Tim Driscoll, BackboneAndWingspan


scaled.Backbone and Wingspan-Tim Driscoll-NYC.jpeg

25. Girl on the Roof

I named my strategic marketing firm Girl on the Roof because I work primarily with small businesses, start-ups and nonprofit organizations who don’t have large marketing budgets to promote themselves. My role is to craft a message that is worthy of shouting from the rooftops. My tagline is, “Is your message worth shouting?”.

Carol Reeve, www.girlontheroof.com


scaled.GirlontheRoof logo.jpeg

26. 800 Pound Gorilla

My company is called The 800-Pound Gorilla, which is a commonly-used business term to describe a company or an individual who’s so big and influential in the marketplace, they’re impossible to ignore: McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Procter the idea for the name just came to me one day – in the shower!

Bill Guertin, www.the800poundgorilla.com


scaled.Guertin, Bill_800poundgorilla.jpeg

27. Swayable

My product is to help people decide when they are stuck between 2 things hence they are”Swayable” in either direction. The name Swayable is also fun by using it in fun ways- Get Swayed, I was Swayed etc. Just a fun all around business name.

Lindsey Harper, www.swayable.com



28. Glyphix

A “Glyph” is An image used in the visual representation of characters. Or a pictograph. As an ad agency, we use words and pictures to communicate, they way hieroglyphics were used. We added the x cause it looked good.

Larry Cohen, www.glyphix.com



29. Breakfast Books

Breakfast is one of the first actions of a successful day, so we thought that the Breakfast name would attach the idea of “first actions” to a business, helping customers to think of the business sooner. That’s how we came to pick the name Breakfast Records, and later, Breakfast Books.

Rick Aster, www.breakfast.us



30. Bullhorn Gypsy

I have a friend that calls me ‘gypsy’ because I get all things done, no matter what it takes, on projects. I publicize books and authors and I always refer to getting on the bullhorn to get the word out about them.

Cassandra Allen, www.bullhorngypsy.com



31. Born To Sell

We have an investment related site that deals with stock options. Because it’s better to *sell* options than to *buy* options our company is called Born To Sell. (it has strong appeal to our audience)

Mike Scanlin, www.borntosell.com


scaled.M. Scanlin_borntosell.jpeg

32. Trade As One

There are two crises in the world – one of extreme poverty in the third world, and the other a crisis of meaning in the first. We believe that trade can be used to help both worlds come together as one.

Nathan George, tradeasone.com



33. Reunited We Stand

When we thought of the concept of our website, our goal was to bring people together through their differences using Social Networking. We wanted to change the way people discuss important topics like politics, the environment, community issues and ultimately create new unified views. We felt our country was becoming more and more polarized and losing touch of what originally brought us all together, thus www.ReunitedWeStand.com was born.

Adrienne Denaro, www.reunitedwestand.com



34. Core And More

I chose Core and More because “Core” represents the Center of life and health, as well as the Core fitness revolution; More is for the nutrition, health, stress, digestive issues, and personal issues That I coach clients to resolve. ABSolutely holistic health is my tag line and it ties into The “core” and holistic health.

Randi Dukoff, Core And More



35. Love Honor Upcycle

I am a bridal and special occasion accessories designer. I wanted a name that conjures up thoughts of a wedding such as Love. Honor. Cherish. but I wanted to give it a twist so that the reader would know it was a green and eco-chic hence, Love. Honor. Upcycle.

Tanna Paradis, www.lovehonorupcycle.com


Sqare Logo 150.jpeg

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