Ultimate List Of Stories Behind Business Names (Part 2)

07 April 2011 Start-Up

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In our second part of the stories behind business names series, we have the following:

When To Name A Business After Yourself


1. Swordfish Communications

I have a PR agency called Swordfish Communications. My last name is Frisch, and at one time in my life I thought of joining the Navy and becoming a pilot, in which case I thought my “call sign” should be “Sword” (I’d be “Sword” Frisch). But as a frequent attendee of air shows, I got to know a group of Navy fighter pilots during one event and they told me the squadron, not you pick your call sign, and that they would dub me “Tuna.” I didn’t much care for the name “Tuna Frisch” nor Tuna Fish Communications,” so I fell back on my Sword.

Gary Frisch, www.swordfishcomm.com


scaled.Gary Frisch.jpeg


2. Crystal Clear Communications

I always wanted to incorporate my name into a company without coming across as too narcissistic! Crystal Clear Communications alludes to the highest state of ideal communication and also preserves my namesake!

Crystal Brown Tatum, www.crystalcommunicates.com




3. Wax Words Inc

I started this business six years ago after 24 years as a reporter and editor at Newsday on Long Island. When I started up, I didn’t know if I’d end up doing more freelance writing or public relations and the name worked either way. I knew of PR competitors named Wordhampton and another called Great Ink. Thinking how great those were and not wanting to call my business the Wax Group or the Wax Organization, I hit on on WaxWords Inc. Amazing, though, how many people call my firm Wax Works!

Alan Wax, www.waxwordsinc.com


scaled.alanjwax new headshot.jpeg


4. On The Leesh Productions

The name of my production company, On the Leesh Productions was a take off of my nickname, Leesh. I wanted a name that felt really personal to me, but yet wasn’t Alicia Arinella productions; It was more of a thinly veiled nod rather than a direct shout out.

Alicia Arinella, www.ontheleesh.com




5. J9 Productions

The story behind J9 Public Relations is pretty simple. My name is Jeanine and throughout my life people have pronounced it as j-nine. Thus, J9 Public Relations was born.

Jeanine M. Boiko, www.j9pr.com




6. By Kati

I create and invent a variety products and my name is Kati, hence the name ByKati.

Kati Carson, www.bykati.com




7. JRS Consulting

My name is Jenny Schade (pronounced “shady”). Even though my name is pretty well known in the Chicago area communication market after 15 years in the business, I named my business JRS Consulting because Schade Consulting (sounds like “Shady Consulting”) would sound pretty bad!

Jenny Schade, www.JRSconsulting.net




8. Sandstorm Ideas

It’s a play on my first name – Sandie – and Brainstorming, which is the focus of my innovation firm. We do brainstorming with diverse multi-functional teams to create new products and services concepts for Fortune 500 companies.

Sandie Glass, www.sandstormideas.com




9. BCL Soft

We spent hours eating, searching and brainstorming for an amazing business name for our software development company and a name for our product. The result, BCL Soft (Barry, Catherine, Luther) and Barter21 for the product. Because we thought Check21 was cool sounding.

Catherine Cohen, www.bclsoft.com




10. Meridane Design

The name of our company was created when my mother put my sister’s name and my name together.

Sally Short, www.uspellsymbol.com




11. Cherick Silver

My husband is a silversmith who makes sterling silver jewelry. When we started doing art show, we needed a business name, so he took my name (Cheri) and his name (Rick), combined them and came up with Cherick Silver.

Cheri Powell, www.CherickSilver.etsy.com


scaled.Cherick Silver.jpeg


12. Mozign

My co-founder and I named our company Mozign because we wanted a unique name that sounded familiar and edgy. All we did was combine the 2 words that define our business, “Mobile” and “Design”, spell it with a z and call it day.

Oren Salomon, www.mozign.com




13. Seidbet Associates

The name of my business is SEIDBET ASSOCIATES. It is a combination of my last and first name….Seidman, Bettina. It happened because: 1) When computers first came into use in the business world, everybody had to have their own directory and we were advised that the name should be a combination of the first few letters of your last name and a couple of letters of your first name…..SEIDBET 2) When I started my own career management coaching practice, I decided to call it SEIDBET because clients could make a “side bet” with me and learn how to find the best job ever !

Bettina Seidman, www.seidbet.com




14. Emcie Media

My company name is the phonetic spelling of my initials, M.C.

Marianne Carlson, www.emcie.com




15. Zoe Communications

I am an independent PR/marketing consultant. I used my first name – Zoë as my business name because it is a Greek word which, when translated, means “life in its most abundant form.” Because my professional services promote and enhance the “lives” of my clients/their businesses to increase the their “abundance” in monetary terms, it just seemed to fit.

Zoë Gayle Villaroman, www.zoecommunications.com


scaled.Zoe Logo Final.jpeg


16. Me and Serendipity

By combining the first two initials of the founders names, Michelle and Elizabeth, it created ME. They wanted something to rhyme with ME, so they asked Elizabeths now husband who quickly thought of the perfect word that would emulate discovering love – Serendipity.

Elizabeth Vo, www.meandserendipity.com




17. Esma Studios

The name of my business is the result of feeling that my real name is too common, so I searched for similar names on a baby name site. I decided on Esma, because it’s short, simple, and is the shortened form of “Esmeralda” which means “emerald” (my favorite gemstone).

Amy Martin, EsmaStudios.com




18. Dennis Cudd Studios

My family name is Cudd, as in a cow chews their, and I create 3D images. I chose my name to link my services to my name/brand. Also I liked the wireframe cow.

Dennis Cudd, denniscuddstudios.com


scaled.cow for HORA ORANGE150.jpeg


Combined To Make This Name


19. AuBritt

My best friend and I just started a business together called “AuBritt.” Her name is Aubrie and my name is Britt; the fact that we both have “bri” in our names made it fun and easy to combine them.

Britt Warner and Aubrie Wienholt, www.aubrittpromotions.com


scaled.Aubritt 5.jpeg


20. Scottish Lily Jewelry

I have had my company, Scottish Lily Jewelry, for a little over 1 1/2 years. I came up with the name of my company by combining where I was born (Scotland) with my Hebrew name (Shoshana, meaning lily). I decided to use my hebrew name as I started my company with the wire kippot (Jewish head coverings)…. it seemed appropriate.

Ros Gourvitz, www.scottishlilyjewelry.etsy.com




21. StormSister Spatique

My last name is Sturm. Sturm = storm in Deutsch.
When I owned a salon with my sister we had a German client who referred to my sister and I as the “StormSisters”.

Becky Sturm, www.stormsister.biz




22. T and T Classic Books

When a friend of mine, Maggie Task and I, bought out a small publishing business seventeen years ago, she came up with the name T and T Classic Books.(for Task and Trevens) Taking advantage of the sound, we altered it to TnT Classics and made a logo with a blast in it.

Francine L. Trevens, www.tntclassicbooks.com




23. Paiging Joy

We are an online designer clothing store offering a “wear as you pay” option. It is founded by Melanie Paige Kampman and Tiffany Joy Baxter, making our store name Paiging Joy.

Melanie Kampman, www.paigingjoy.com




24. EVLooks

Our company name is EVLooks, LLC– my sister, Evonne, is the ‘E’, and I am the ‘V’ (Valerie), and the consumer products we create and market are designed to make users look and feel fantastic. As kids, our parents would always refer to our blue eyes as ‘looks’, so between creating products that are ‘lookers’, and the name of our first launched product (called ‘eyecandy soothing eye coolers’), the name of EVLooks for our company just seemed to make sense.

Valerie Pressley, www.eyecandycoolers.com




25. Coldsweep

Coldsweep uses recycled CO2 in the form of dry ice to clean equipment for some of the most respected names in business, (CO2 + cold + cleaning = CO2LDSWEEP).

Think of it as sandblasting without the mess, all of the dry ice we use as our blast media disappears on impact leaving no secondary waste.

Randell Heath, www.Coldsweep.com


scaled.CO2 Solutions Logo Cropped 230 pixels wide.jpeg


26. Lizbeth’s Garden

“The story behind my business name, Lizbeth’s Garden: A shortening of my first name, Elizabeth, and a garden because I love working in my garden. It is also to convey all the pretty and functional things you will find in my shop.”

Elizabeth Cogliati, www.etsy.com/shop/lizbethsgarden




27. Fish Princess Designs

I’m a woman who loves fly fishing and designs jewelry! I specialize in sea glass and pearl jewelry.


28. Calico Juno Designs

We do handcrafted jewelry and using the word “Calico” means many different colors (like calico fabric or calico cat) and applies to the thousands of different beads I use (I do also happen to have a calico cat!) and Juno, the head Roman goddess…goddess of the beads!!

Bonnie, www.CalicoJunoDesigns.com




29. Mavens & Moguls

Did not want to be a boring consulting firm so I jokingly referred to the women in the group as the “Marketing Mavens” and the men as the “Marketing Moguls” and for short called them the “Mavens & Moguls” and it stuck! Tested the name via concept test and people loved it -) so it has been a keeper for almost 10 years!

Paige Arnof-Fenn, www.MavensAndMoguls.com




30. Azalean Models

The name of our business that I run with my sister comes from the fact that our Mum was crowned Queen Azalea in a May Day parade in England when she was a child. Combined with the fact that we sell tools and consumables for scale model hobbyists, we are Azalean Models.

Dave Barker, www.azaleanmodels.com




31. Custom Knit Treasures

My business name is Custom Knit Treasures and I came up with it especially so it would be unique. I sell customizable handknit items, which I think each are treasures in themselves.

Rachel Steck, www.customknittreasures.etsy.com




32. LALA Java

My wife’s real name is Aurora, as a triplet the others tagged her with the nickname “LALA”. I (her husband) as a retail concept designer named our specialty coffeehouse chain after her… “LALAJAVA”.

Scott Boyers, www.lalajava.com




33. Resume Bootcamp

It’s a resume writing business and at first I thought of a tagline – “We’ll Whip Your Resume into Shape” – then wanted to somehow integrate my personal love of fitness within the business name. I started brainstorming with army related words and then thought of Bootcamp.

Nadia Hefni Foster, www.ResumeBootcamp.com




34. Tresnic Media

My business name is Tresnic Media. Troy Resnics Mattress Outlet was a local mattress store when I was younger that had very corny commercials on tv that we used to prank call, one day I combined it to make my name Tresnic and voila, Tresnic Media.

Todd Giannattasio, tresnicmedia.com




35. Wedding Blush

My specialty – weddings”… and a positive spin for that feeling you get when you see your significant other- “blush”.

Qiana Broughton, www.weddingblush.com




Business Names That Are Obvious, Duh


36. Mangoes 4 US

The name of our business is: Mangoes 4 US. We import delicious Indian mangoes into the US. We grew up savoring these seasonal mangoes and were missing them ever since we migrated to the US.

In 2007, US government allowed to import them commercially and we started importing since 2008. Lot of friends asked us whether it’s “Mangoes for us” and “Mangoes for US”. Our answer: It’s Both!

Vikas Sawant, www.mangoes4us.com




37. Talk To Canada

My company name TalktoCanada.com was thought up after much deliberation over the course of about a week. Me and my wife, wanted something that had the word Talk in it in order to tell clients what we do and then we inserted Canada which would help to build confidence in our services as Canada is very well known worldwide for quality education.

Marc Anderson, www.talktocanada.com




38. Missing Inc.

My business name is Missing Inc. which stands for Missing Incorprated. I have been a private investigator for over twenty nine years.

Mike Kiger, www.missinginc.com




39. Medical Speak In English

As a health care provider I became tired of my patients not understanding what other providers told them, if they told the anything at all. Because of this, I created medicalspeakinenglish.com that translate the complexities of medical jargon into easy to understand terms.

Christopher Clough, www.medicalspeakinenglish.com




40. Gift Card Girlfriend

I learned the hard way (with a previous business) that an overly creative website name that nobody can pronounce or understand will cause grief and be a waste of money. Second time around, I decided to keep it simple–easy to say, easy to remember, easy to understand: www.GiftCardGirlfriend.com.

Shelley Hunter, www.GiftCardGirlfriend.com




41. The Hangover Cure

I created The Hangover Cure at www.drinkthc.com. I chose this name because its very search engine friendly if someone is looking for a hangover cure and it also cuts to the point of the product, much like 5 Hour Energy or Vitaminwater, which I both admire.

Anthony Adams, www.drinkthc.com




42. MN Pistol Class LLC

MN Pistol Class, LLC www.mnpistolclass.com It is what we do and where we do it. Many customers indicate that our company name and web site name are exactly how they found us.

Craig R. Brownell, www.mnpistolclass.com




43. Yes to Mammograms

Yes to Mammograms, WHY? Because by saying YES to mammograms and getting a mammogram it could possibly save your life!

Amy Young, www.yestomammograms.org




44. I Make Faces

My Brother gave me the name of I MAKE FACES.com for my website. It described what I do perfectly as a Make-up Artist, Actress, Face and Body Painter.

Diana Tenes, www.imakefaces.com




45. Find Your Policy

FindYourPolicy.com is a database where an individual can register the company name they have life insurance with. There is no government, national or statewide database that registers all life insurance policies. Due to the privacy act the insurance companies will never get together and make one..so I did. After my father’s death I was in a situation of no one helping me find his life insurance. I found out that there are over 2000 life insurance companies in the United States alone so if your beneficiaries cannot find your life insurance policy it is almost impossible to find. Thus “FindYourPolicy.com” was created.

Michael Hartmann, www.findyourpolicy.com




46. Political Pins 4 You

In 2005 the business grew and we changed our name. It’s simple– The name comes from our mission: supplying collectors and consumers with an enormous collection/variety of political campaign pins to choose from.

David Brigandi, www.PoliticalPins4YOU.com




47. Mamas Frugal Finds

I am a mother (called mama) who loves coupons, saving money and helping others do the same. Thus Mamas Frugal Finds was created.

Samantha Betts, www.mamasfrugalfinds.com


scaled.MamasFrugalFinds 150x150.jpeg


48. Jamie’s Notebook

I came up with my business name because I already had the URL reserved when I used it as my personal website. I chose the name Jamie’s Notebook because I like to write and a notebook contains all kinds of information.

Jamie Smith, www.jamiesnotebook.com


49. Organization Plus

In 1987 when I pioneered the professional organizing industry I thought I was the only one trying to make a living organizing offices and businesses. Organization is what I wanted to do – Plus was for anything else I might have to do to make a living.

Susan Lannis, www.LiberateTime.com





I own a marketing and PR firm since 1994. The name is a”SPIN”- it’s an acronym for the services we provide. “S”trategy, “P”R, “I”mage, and “N”ew business development.

People have commented on the fact that I had the “”hootspa”" to name a PR firm “SPIN” because of the double entendra.

Pauline, spinllc.com


scaled.Pauline Harris - headshot.jpeg


51. 4T Financial

Our firm (4T Financial Teaching Today Technology Tomorrow) will teach you what you need to know financially today and will have your website aggregated accounts set up tomorrow.

Michael Argiro, www.4tfinancial.com


scaled.Mike Picture.jpeg


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