Ultimate List Of Stories Behind Business Names (Part 3)

14 April 2011 Start-Up

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In our third part of the stories behind business names series, we have the following:

Haha, That’s Funny

1. Name Isn’t Dog

My name is Doug. When I introduce myself people always think I say Dog, which I have to clarify with my “Name Isn’t Dog.”

Doug Raggio, www.nameisntdog.com



2. Can I Keep The House

I am a specialist in the financial issues of divorce. The name of my company is the question divorcing clients always ask me: Can I Keep The House?

Sara Stolberg, www.canikeepthehouse.com



3. Fatpacking

Fatpacking is so named because it sounds like backpacking for fat people. And amazingly enough, that’s exactly what it is.

Steve Silberberg, www.fatpacking.com



4. Road Rage Jewelry

Mine – Road Rage Jewelry, happened on a drive into work.

Jeanne Koesters, www.roadragejewelry.com



5. Expressionables

We were denied our trademark for everlasting impressions after spending 2 grand on the domain name (fail). I came up with Expressionables because, as a teenager, I made a rap album with that name.

Chris Wise, expressionables.com



6. Honey-Can-Do International LLC

The name “Honey-Can-Do” is taken from the weekend “honey-do” list (i.e. honey, do the yard; honey, do the roof, etc). Honey-Can-Do empowers those who do things around the house by putting the “Can” in the honey-do by offering products which are easily assembled, easy to use, durable and affordable.

Steve Greenspon, www.honeycando.com



7. Fam Zoo

Our 2 sentence story behind the name of our site/company: FamZoo My FAMily, like most with one or more kids, is a bit of a ZOO. We help parents prepare their kids for “release” to the “wild”.

Bill Dwight, www.famzoo.com



8. Gray Dog Publishing

My company is named Gray Dog Publishing after my Weimeraner (dog), Zoe. Her nickname is Sexy Bitch, but I didn’t think that would be an appropriate name for a company, so I went with Gray Dog.

Casey Wohl, www.girlsgetawayguide.net


scaled.Casey & Zoe_gray_dog_publishing.jpeg

9. Golem Technologies

I had recently read a marketing report which said evocative names do better in the long run to retain customers than names which simply described the business. Later that night, I was playing a role playing game and tried to invade a tower too well defended by Iron Golems… A little geeky perhaps, but when I got frustrated that I couldn’t get past a few Golem’s in a video game, I thought it might also make for a good evocative business name.

Charlie Belmer, www.golemtechnologies.com



10. Gam3rs

Our play, GAM3RS, which has grown into a business that putting on a gaming festival and sells cool “Made of Awesome” merchandise that appeals to gamers, was originally called “/out of character”, but we decided that because it is a play people might think it has to do with things backstage at a theater. The next name was “Lagging RL” as in lagging in a computer game and lagging, as in falling behind in life, but we finally settled on GAM3RS, using a 3 as the backwards E which is easier to protect from a trademark standpoint, but also is part of the 1337 (LEET) speak that gamers use.

Walter G. Meyer, gam3rsthewebsite.com


scaled.gamers card1.jpeg

11. I Got The Job

My resume and career coaching business didn’t have a name when I started, it was just something I did after my day job as a corporate recruiter. After a while, I started receiving email from happy customers with subject lines saying, “I got the job!” and I thought that phrase would make a good name for the company.

Jill Walser, www.igotthejob.us


I got the job 150x150.bmp

12. Three Girls Media

In the world of PR its important to spread the news about clients and to do it quickly. I was thinking about that and it occurred to me that if you want to spread the word about some thing and do it fast, all you have to do is tell “three girls” and before you know it the news spreads like wildfire!

Erika Taylor Montgomery, www.threegirlsmedia.com



13. Think Tank Digital

We were very close to calling ourselves Heavyweight Marketing until we looked at ourselves and realized folks may take it literally. Besides, by 4AM, we were up to the T’s in the dictionary and really needed to make a decision so we could get our first proposal out later that morning.

Tynicka Battle, www.thinktankmktg.com



It Just Came To Me

14. Blamtastic

One day Lily Sandler was looking for her lip balm, only she said, “Mom! Have you seen my BLAM? And Blamtastic, the lip balm for kids, created by kids, was born!!

Lily Sandler, www.blamtastic.com



15. Celebration Generation

“The Celebration Generation” was the name that a famous Canadian rave DJ gave to his fans, back in the 90s.

In his song “Swamp Thing” on the Astroplane album – which I was listening to when contemplating the name of my business – he yells out “CELEBRATION GENERATION, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!”… and, well… I did.

Marie Porter, www.celebrationgeneration.com



16. Helicopter Marketing & Communications

While at the gym on the elliptical, was thinking about memorable business names like Google and Starbucks, and listening to Garbage Version 2.0 – “When I Grow Up” and heard Manson sing “helicopter”. Eureka! I love helicopters – they can do rescue, reconnaissance, surveillance and land on the side of a burning mountain. That’s what we do.

Leigh Kramer, www.helicoptermarketing.com



17. Green Purse

I was putting the finishing touches on an evening bag and the name Greenpurse suddenly popped into my head. The next morning I was in business.

Tina Wick, www.gpurse.com



18. My Curls

I had been thinking about a unique and catchy name for weeks and had finally come up with a name only to discover that another brand had a product with that name. Disappointed, I walked downstairs into the living room to discover my younger brother singing one of my favourite songs by The Temptations; My Girl. As soon as he saw me he sang, ‘what can make her feel so great My Curls.’ Being that my company creates products for curly hair, I thought immediately that MY CURLS would be a great name and haven’t looked back since!

Victoria Olubi, www.mycurls.co.uk


scaled.mycurlsresizedlogo 150x150.jpeg

19. Consignamania

I had a friend driving from Kansas to Tennessee to participate in a seasonal kids consignment sale. My hubby said “You girls are crazy… you need to give her some kind of award, like a “consignamaniac” award”… hence the name “Consignamania”.

Jenifer Gifford, www.consignamania.com



20. Aquabeet

Years ago we were playing Scrabble and my mother had theletters A Q U B E E T. I happened to see them and it struck meas the perfect name for a business, but of course I added an A.

Amy Volchok, www.aquabeet.etsy.com



21. Satchi Ananda Candy Company

I run a candy company with my mom where we make fudge. We came up with the name for the company from meditating. My mom was trying to quiet her mind and the name Satchi came to her. Then Ananda came through. Both helped her focus on the meditation.

Later, she looked up the names and found that Satchi means happiness and Ananda means bliss. That’s how we got our tag line – Satchi Ananda Fudge – happiness and bliss one bite at a time.

Scott LaFrance, www.satchifudge.com



22. Supernatural Botanicals

One day while choosing a name for a brand new email account, I was listening to the Santana CD called “Supernatural”. Inspired by Santana, …my email address became “Supernatural” for years. In 2008, I started a eco-chic bath & body company and the name Supernatural Botanicals felt like the obvious choice. And so it began.

Robin Feltner, www.supernaturalbotanicals.com



23. The Taskmistress, LLC

The name of my business The Taskmistress, LLC came during a conversation I was having with my Mom while vacuuming. I said “it’s like I have to be a Taskmistress or something” and my Mom said “stop that’s it! That’s the name of your company”.

Nancy Freedman, www.thetaskmistress.com



24. Danger Bee

I came up with dangerbee when I lived in LA, where there were signs everywhere that said, “Danger! Bees!”. I chose it because I thought it was amusing, but its turned into an interesting conversation piece that draws people into conversations about my business – conversations that have led to sales.

Jasmine Davis, www.dangerbee.com



It’s What We Stand For

25. Go Eat Give

I love to travel around the world, try different cuisines (a big time foodie) and want to give back to the communities I visit (through volunteer vacation programs), so I came up with the name Go Eat Give for my web site. Here, I write about my 3 passions and inspire others to do the same.

Sucheta Rawal, www.goeatgive.com


scaled.Go Eat Go for article.png

26. Future:Standard

We named our business Future:Standard because we hope that in the future clothing does not need to be labeled “organic”, “sustainable”, “fair trade” or “ethical”, because it will be assumed – that it will be standard. So, Future:Standard, an online ethical clothing boutique.

Jessica Althoff, www.shopfuturestandard.com



27. Outstanding Apparel

My company’s clothing is unique to the clothing found in most retail stores, so I chose a name that reciprocates that “Outstanding Apparel”. Our products promote inspirational and motivational messages, so the name “Outstanding Apparel” also sends a subliminal message to people that wear the clothes, “you are not just average you stand out from the crowd.

Cornelius Davis, www.outstandingapparelcorp.com



28. Phresh Philadelphia

Philadelphia has a stigma of being a dirty city and we want to change that by getting youth involved in community cleanups and renovation projects. Through this work, we are “phreshening” up the city, Philly style.

Rashaun Williams, Anthony Torrance, Douglass Wallace, phreshphiladelphia.org



29. Blank Label

The story behind the name Blank Label is the sentiment we wanted about our brand which was that we didnt want to be a label. We wanted to be a place for you to start with a blank slate and fully design your own product, the way you like it, creating your own label of clothing.

Danny Wong, Blank Label Group



30. eRollover

eRollover is an online consumer destination focused on retirement that provides content and analytical tools previously not available to the general public, and a means to simply and easily rollover 401(k)s and IRAs. In forming the company, our research showed a basic mistrust with big, traditional brokerage houses by Generation X, 33 to 49 year olds with multiple retirement accounts, representing some $12 trillion in retirement assets, so our mission is to enable our members to achieve financial independence by providing a means to manage, connect, learn and share information through a unique social media community.

David Andersen, www.erollover.com



31. Choosing To Smile Publications

We were three friends who wanted to make a difference so we wrote our life stories and started our own publishing company ‘Choosing to Smile Publications’ to raise awareness that we do indeed ‘choose’ to be happy or miserable when faced with adversity. Our business name is short, snappy, memorable and now a world-wide movement!

Glenda Standeven, www.choosingtosmile.com


scaled.Choosing cover.jpeg

32. Above All Else

#1 I wanted the name to start with the letter “A” so when listed in alphabetical order anywhere, I would be near the top.

#2 The name along with the tag line really states what the business is about.

Nancy Butler, www.aboveallelse.org



33. Waggle Weight

My WaggleWeight(tm) Company name sounds like it could be a weight-loss or even a pornography-related business, which could potentially hurt me, but I will be sticking by it. The name is derived from a new golf club specification named “waggle weight” (which I invented and have patented), which is an advancement of golf club swingweighting (swing weighting), and I have little choice but to stick by it and try to make the business work.

Bill Kostuj, www.waggleweight.com



34. Sage Presence

My company is named SagePresence, and we bring “stage presence” to business professionals. We are filmmakers who use movie skills (like story and performance) to help lawyers face courtrooms, witnesses face lawyers, business people present and face high-pressure sales pitches, and people interview for jobs.

We got the name after a “branding exercise” where we were supposed to figure out what our “core values” were, and we valued: √ Strength √ Authenticity √ Growth √ Empowrment
We didn’t notice that they spelled SAGE. But I was telling my consultant that when I really feel on top of my game, I fell like Mr. Spock’s Father on the Star Trek movies, who is a proud, wise ambassador. I said, “I feel like a wise old sage.” Simultaneously, my partner Pete Machalek said, “I feel like we give people stage presence.” And then Lauri Flaquer, our branding expert said, “Hey, your values spell sage! Maybe you offer ‘Sage Presence!’”.

Dean Hyers, www.sagepresence.com



35. PB&J Public Relations, Branding & Jabber

I started my PR firm 2 years ago – my friend and I had originally wanted to call it PB&J Peanut Butter & Jelly PR, but we found that although it was a great name and very approachable, it wasn’t regarded as professional.

So we decided to break down the letters and find a deeper meaning, and so we came up with PB&J Public Relations, Branding & Jabber. It has worked really well, and it gives potential clients the kind of playful attitude we posses.

Micah Paldino, www.pbjpr.com



36. Yippee Printing

We came up with the name of our business as something being very happy and different. Every time someone says the name Yippee it brings a smile to the person saying it and the person hearing it. We thought of Yippee as the Yahoo of the printing industry. We created the logo along the same idea – something colorful, happy and fun. Our little guy is on all of our branded materials.

Marian H. Gordon, www.yippeeprinting.com


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