Confidence. It’s What You Need To Start A Business

16 November 2011 Thoughts

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The following is a guest post by Edel O’Mahony. Edel is the UK’s leading expert in energetic communications. She has over 30 years of experience and has helped hundreds of people to find their confidence and become magnificent. Her latest book 21 Steps to Confidence is available from

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Starting a business for most people in their late 20’s or 30’s can be a daunting prospect, so when a teenager decides to step out on their own to build a creative passion into an idea, there can be many challenges. Apart from the pressure to go down the traditional route of staying in education and getting ‘qualifications’ there is also the pressure from existing friends and community to not break with the ‘norm’, limit the aspirations to college, parties and hanging out.

It takes confidence to be the maverick and step away from other’s pre conceived ideas and limitations and I would like to give you some tips on building that confidence.

Confidence begins with defining who YOU are:

Not as a brother, daughter, classmate, it is WHO are you? What is your passion? What inspires you to create a life you love? This will fundamentally come down to your values as this is the foundation of building confidence.

Model yourself on someone great:

Wherever you look there are amazing people who shine confidence. Stop and think of someone you admire, someone who is confident, enigmatic and revered. Think of how they act, watch them in action.

  • What mannerisms do they have?
  • How do they enter a room?
  • How do they hold their head? Look at the body posture, the way they stand and interact with others.
  • Now start to model them.

This can be a fun exercise and can reveal a great deal of how people perceive themselves. It will show you that by changing what you believe and how you act can have a huge impact on how others see you.

Surround yourself with great people:

This is not just hanging out with awesome friends, this is seeking out those people who inspire you, who have already achieved the wealth, success or abundance you desire to attain. It may take going to events like seminars or talks and listening to the stories of those people who refused to give up or give in.

It is communicating with likeminded people, connecting with new creative friends. When you see that there are others that are also looking to achieve the success you do, it will help to build your own confidence.

Focus and persistence:

If it wasn’t for those amazing individuals having persistence the world today would be a much poorer place. Thomas Edison who invented the electric light bulb said ‘If I find 10,000 ways something will not work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward’.

Persistence and self discipline go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Success in your goals is reliant on the values of persistence and self discipline; it is these that set remarkable individuals apart from ordinary ones.

It is about focusing on your desires, to actually be living and breathing your vision of your business being successful before it actually is. There is scientific verification for this. We now know your cells take their signal from your beliefs; this is transmitted through your body via your nervous system (your electrical system) which determines the ‘frequency’ your body resonates. You attract back the same energetic frequency in experiences and opportunities.

So you see if you hold low self worth or a lack of confidence, it moves you into low frequency and low frequency experiences are what you start to see, like people being argumentative, being refused funding for your business, people you were relying on letting you down.

By growing your confidence and self worth you are resonating high frequency and this will attract high frequency experiences to you. All success, wealth and abundance come from high frequency, so there is a very real reason why it is important to stay positive.

Owning your self-worth is the foundation not only to confidence, it is also the foundation to all success, wealth and happiness flowing to you.

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