Do You Have Haters?

29 March 2011 Thoughts

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I was reminded this weekend that there will be people who will try to bring you down for no reason. Entrepreneurs will always have haters, people who are average and don’t want others to succeed.

My First Hate Mail

I received my first couple of hate mail this weekend from people who have too much time on their hands. Instead of using their time to do something constructive, they turn to spew negative comments. Here’s the background.

I’m working on a cooking project where I needed a videographer and editor. Being a startup, I have to be creative when hiring because paying for someone upfront will cost too much. By my estimate, it would have cost $2-3k just to put a product together. Maybe a big corporation can get by doing that but entrepreneurs know that’s just not smart.

I did what I thought would be best- to offer revenue share in terms of percentage of sales of the product. It was a very generous percentage. And so the ad went up on Craiglist. Would people be willing to work for sweat commission?

Yes And No

There were some non-takers which is fine because working at a startup is not for everyone. There were some takers who I was able to sell them the idea of this product. But there was one who blasted me for the following which I summarize:

“You have to pay at least minimum wage. You can give commission on top but if you are not paying minimum wage, you will be breaking the law. And is breaking the law worth it to put together your sh*tty project?”

You can find my initial reaction to this email in this thread. But here’s the deal. Why are you spending the 5 minutes that you will never get back blasting someone when you could be doing good for yourself? And no, I will not be breaking the law. The law says minimum wage for full-time employees. I was offering a project-based compensation which would be written out so my employee could take me to court.

Restaurants typically pay lower than minimum wage but waiters make it up with the tips they get. That’s essentially commission.

Be Encourage

This is more of an encouragement for young entrepreneurs than a personal rant. When you are doing something that the average person would not, you will be seen as a villain. People will doubt you for whatever reason they can find. Use the negativity to keep pushing ahead. Know that you are going places while the average person will be sitting behind their desk at work looking to drag people down. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to put themselves out there and that’s what makes them great.

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