Entrepreneurs, How’s Your Willpower?

02 August 2011 Thoughts

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Am I the only one who thought the Green Lantern movie had a great message for entrepreneurs? I just saw it recently, and had no prior knowledge of what it was about. Come to find out, the source of the power for the character and the other Green Lanterns is willpower. And the movie depicts it as the strongest power in the universe. This movie needs to be on the list of must-see movies for entrepreneurs.

Willpower Allows You To Make Anything Happen

The power in the ring allows the wearer to have anything come to life if their mind can imagine it. There were many fight scenes where the Green Lantern had to imagine something to make it come to life. He used his own willpower which was amplified by the ring.

As entrepreneurs, our own willpower determines how successful our business becomes. Sure, we might not have a ring to amplify our thoughts but we do have people we trust who bring valuable advice. How often do you use the power of your network?

Fitting That Fear Is The Enemy

In the movie, fear was the enemy of the Green Lanterns. And it is ours also, as entrepreneurs. It’s so simple to give into fear. As the movie showed in the beginning (spoiler), even the best Green Lanterns (the ones who had the greatest willpower) lost to the enemy of fear. And even in the character who later wins, fear was there. Fear is in all of us, but it’s how we react to us that separates us.

Fear is the thing that makes us paralyze. But entrepreneurs find a way to overcome it.

That’s courage.

At the beginning of the movie, we find that the ring chooses the person who is fearless. And it seemed like a mistake at first because the person selected was not fearless at all. He feared many things.

But later, we find that the ring didn’t make a mistake at all. It didn’t choose the person who it thought was fearless. It chose the person that it thought could overcome fear.

Are you willing to overcome your fears as an entrepreneur?

Admitting We’re Afraid Makes Us Stronger

Admitting that we’re afraid of something is the best thing entrepreneurs can do to overcome that specific fear. In the movie, the Green Lantern was afraid of failure.

We entrepreneurs are also afraid of failure. As human beings, we’re afraid of failure. But let’s just admit it and figure out a way to overcome it. Or as the Green Lantern quotes in the movie “Or I’ll die trying”.

Faith, The Brother Of Willpower

It seems like willpower coupled with faith makes things happen. When you come to a point where fear paralyzes you, willpower helps you to overcome it but I also believe that faith helps you to see that what you think is going to happen will happen.

So entrepreneurs, how’s your willpower? Are you afraid of something? Admit it and figure out a way to overcome it.

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