Gaining Access Is The New Black

04 October 2011 Thoughts

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“_____ is the new black” is a saying that something has suddenly become very popular. Take the following:

“Google is the new black”.

That became popular when people started using Google as a verb. There’s a new trend in the world of entrepreneurship. And it’s this: “Gaining access to people is the new black”.

You Know The Old Saying

We all know the old saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know”. In the last 6 months, I have seen that statement played out over and over. While we were promoting the Teen Business Summit at first, we were having a hard time finding media partners. Our first break came when we started having introductions made. We first got an introduction to the head of marketing for a big non-profit.

Once we gained access, we were able to sell them the idea of a business summit to benefit teens. And we wanted them to be partners with us in promoting the event. In the end, it was beneficial to both organizations and we were very happy with the partnership. But none of them would have happened if not for the first introduction which granted us access.

We also tried to pitch the story to media outlets about a global conference. We had no idea that selling a first-time ever event was so hard. The break came when my business partner Paul randomly reached out to someone on Twitter. Then he told him about the summit and that got us coverage on his radio show. Again, we got access.

Why Should You Get Access

Access is what you need as an entrepreneur to get in order to make a dent in the business world. Without a solid network of people contacts, it is very hard to get a business up. Knowing bloggers will get a story written up about your business which the readers will go then tell others. Knowing someone in public relations will help get your story published in news outlets that you want. Knowing successful entrepreneurs will get you timeless advice.

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What To Do Afterwards

What you do once you have gained access is all up to you. Access is such a formal term. Let’s call it befriending someone. What would you once you made a new friend? You would keep the relationship up, whatever that means. That’s not any different in the business world. You offer things you can help them with. Offer to buy them lunch to learn about their business.

Offer value.

How To Gain Access Today

Everything mentioned is not new. The business world has been operating on this model for years. The only thing new about this era is how easy it is to gain access. Is it hard to imagine anyone who is an entrepreneur who doesn’t use Twitter.

Twitter is the way to gain access to anyone you want in the world. Use it. Find someone you want to talk to. And if you have a blog, ask to interview them.

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