Teen Business Summit, It’s About Time Someone Did Something

06 July 2011 Thoughts

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With the first-ever global business conference coming up in August, I wanted to share many of the inspirations and frustrations that made us create this event. The summit is for you, teens and young adults out there who are looking for answers in starting a business. This was created to benefit you, not us.

World Of Producers

I am a big fan of Atlas Shrugged, the quintessential classic for any entrepreneur. Ayn Rand portrayed the entrepreneurs as the heroes. They were the producers that made things happen and that made the world a better place. They were Atlas, who carried the world on his shoulders. I’ll never forget the feeling I had after finishing the book.

Feeling empowered was an understatement. I wanted to view the world as one where the entrepreneurs are the heroes. I wanted to go out there and start a business that will change the world.

Someone Should Have Told Me

Someone should have told me that there is a different world out there. When I was a teen, I did not get involved in business. Saying I was being just a typical teen is really just an excuse. Sure, I did things that I would never trade but I had so much time that was wasted. Where was a community of business-minded teens when I needed it?

There are many successful entrepreneurs that wished they had someone tell them about entrepreneurship when they were younger. Even Gary Vaynerchuk said that. Can you imagine how much more dominant he would be if he had someone talk to him about entrepreneurship when he was in high school? We know there are so many more students out there who are not fitting in because what they are learning is not interesting (a very nice way of putting it). Where are the entrepreneurs to tell these kids?

Actually, there are tons that is desperate to talk to such students. The problem is that the school system won’t let us in. Imagine that.

This cycle won’t end unless we do something about it.

And we are.

Stop Stating The Obvious

Over the past week, I read more than 5 articles about how the employment outlook for teens this summer is going to be a doozy. I keep hearing things like “highest unemployment for teens in X state in over 20 years”.

And guess what? The article ends! Ok, I get it. You wont to build awareness. But if you don’t give at least a way to solve it, are you actually helping? If you are going to cover the bad news, why will you not cover the good news?

Never has there been a star-studded lineup assembled to talk to teens about starting businesses. Is that not more newsworthy than just talking about the obvious- “that teens can’t find summer jobs”.

More Than Mad

I’m pissed. I must feel like the entrepreneurs in Atlas Shrugged. They do all these things to make the world a better place and society at best ignores them.

Help us make sure what we’re doing will not go in vain.

Tell everyone you know about Teen Business Summit.

Tell your local news station to start covering newsworthy events.

Tell them to stop talking about the teen unemployment rate because you are sick of hearing it.

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Chief Community Officer at TeenBusinessForum. I believe that successful and ethical entrepreneurs make the world a better place. To make that a reality, I help empower teen entrepreneurs that will be the next generation of business leaders.


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