Top Fictional Entrepreneurs Of All Time

29 June 2011 Thoughts

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Today I am going to count down the top 5 best Fictional Entrepreneurs of all time!


First Honorable Mention

Jeffrey Lebowski (the Big Lebowski not the Dude)


Ok Jeffrey Lebowski appears to be a disabled old man, who is a Millionaire. He lost the use of his legs in Korea, he appears to own several business’ and has a charity to help poor kids go to college. However you find out he owns none of this! His first wife was the Entrepreneur, and ran of all the business but used him as a front and now his Daughter runs every thing.

You are probably wondering why I am mentioning him them, well when his new younger 18 year old trophy wife runs away, some German Nihilists find out (they don’t believe in any thing) and they demand a ransom for 1 million dollars. He takes the 1 Million dollars from his charity, keeps it for himself, and has the other Jeffrey Lebowski (the dude) go after his wife’s captures with an empty case thats suppose to have 1 million so he can blame everything on The Dude. He made 1 million dollars!

Here is the real list.


5. Dwight Schrute (The Office)


You are probably thinking isn’t he just a paper salesman? Well yes Dwight is a paper sales but he also owns a farm, he also rents out the farm for weddings/ scams, he runs a small Bed n Breakfest, and later he owns the Office building Dunder Mifflin is in and the Coffee Shop as well.


4. Blake (Glengarry Glen Ross)


Why is he on this list? He made $970,000 last year, how much did you make? He drives an $80,000 BMW what do you drive, a Hyundai? His watch costs more than your car!

He is a Sales Strategist that makes close to a million a year.


3. Thomas Crown (Steve McQueen in the Thomas Crown Affair 1968)


Thomas Crown is a multimillionaire businessman, and playboy (think an American 60′s Sir Richard Branson). He owns several companies, a mansion on the beach, and a glider, a Dune Buggy and several cars. How ever Thomas Crown became bored one day, so he came up with a way to make money and have some fun! Get away with a Bank Robbery! He hired criminals over the phone who he never had to see, to rob a bank for 2.6 Million in cash! He had them leave it in a Cemetery, where later he picked up the money never having to see any of the robbers. He also has the ability to seduce women just by starring at them and touch his lips.


2. Tony Stark (Iron Man, Iron Man 2)


Tony Stark is a multimillionaire he owns and runs Stark Industries which makes weapons, aircraft, etc. He uses his money well, he has a great house, gets any women he wants, uses a 32 Ford Hot Rod as a Couch, listens to Black Sabbath, and is Iron Man.


1. Gordon Gekko (Wall Street)


“Greed for the lack of a better word is Good…” Gordon Gekko the king of Wall Street, the man who made it so Charlie Sheen is winning (sort of). He creates nothing, he owns! Sure his methods are a bit shady and slightly illegal but still he has billions of dollars! He made being a an investor look cool and thats an understatement! Michael Douglas played Gekko so well that people forgot Gekko isn’t real. Gekko inspired many people to become brokers and investors who want to start out like Bud Fox and end up as Gordon Gekko!

That is who I think are the best fictional entrepreneurs, who do you think is?

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