What Members Are Saying

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"TBF has proven to be a tight-knit community with quality thought and ideas from young and adult entrepreneurs alike. No matter your age or your experience, you'll be welcomed at TBF warmly and will have access to networking, sharing of thoughts, and business advice from a fast growing community."

Curtis, Indiana

"I've been brought to TeenBusinessforum by a business friend/partner. Since then it has been the forum I kept on checking multiple times a day. What I like so much about it is that the people know each other and you can count on these users. It stays personal and thereby you get quality replies instead of billions of useless replies.
There is just always something interesting going on!"

Twistereli, Belgium

"You can't be a true teen entrepreneur if you're not a member on TeenBusinessForum.com. If you haven't already joined it, then take action and join it right now. If anything, you should have joined it yesterday."

Geek, Canada

"TeenBusinessForum is a great community, I have met lots of budding entrepreneurs on here and I have learnt a lot through their knowledge of business. Its wonderful to have a place on the internet for young entrepreneurs where we can discuss our businesses, share ideas and knowledge"

ryanhami, UK

"This community really is a great help! I have facebook and all that but no where can you get help like you get here :P"

Benjamin Fordyce, 19

"But like seriously, the education system doesn't provide me with this sort of support and I find it amazing that the community we have a TBF can provide you with more support than anything any government department could set up."

Sterling, UK