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Thank you for your interest in writing for TeenBusinessForum.  Together, we will help change how entrepreneurship is viewed by teens.  We have a special ability to really influence teen entrepreneurs to create wealth but also be socially responsible.


The demographics of the site are indeed high school and college students.  The age range tends to be 15-22.  There are some that have already started a business, some that are running one, and yet there are some that are learning about how to start.

  • Inspiring stories
  • Starting A Business (specific to a type of industry)
  • Business Ethics
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Internet Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Other topics if you’re an expert (taxes, business entity structure)
  • Other ideas (poems written about entrepreneurship, that would be cool)

Here are some examples that have done well in the past:


Titles should be less than 65 characters long.  The title should be engaging to the reader.  It should prompt the user to take action.


As long as you can convey your point, it doesn’t really matter.

Linking, Author Bio, and Picture:

Feel free to include one link to your own stuff within the article.  Please submit a bio that’s 2-3 sentences long.  You may add links to your bio but ask you to limit them to two.


Use the <h2> tag to create headlines for paragraphs.


You may submit your guest posting using this web form.  Content must be unique.  We’ll let you know 48-72 hours after submission whether we will publish it or not.